Good skin starts with good cleansing. And in these surreal times the importance cleansing not only to the hands but to the face is of prime importance.

Up until recently the humble bar of soap was something nearly consigned to history. But in March soap took on a new role and became the most wanted item ever.

But the simple process of keeping your face clean (one of your first childhood directives, courtesy of Mum) isn’t so simple anymore with the array of products and advice in just about every retail outlet from exclusive boutiques to supermarkets.

Certainly, cleansing is not as simple as it was in Babylon, where a woman’s only choice was washing her face with a mixture of boiled fat and ashes.

Good cleansing means a good complexion and it’s a process that has evolved into what we have today through the ages.

In 1500BC Egyptians washed and treated their skin diseases with a mixture of animal and vegetable oils plus alkaline salts but it was not until the 2nd century A.D. that soap surfaced in ancient Rome. Legion has it that rain mixed animal tallow and ashes from Mount Sapo into the clay of the Tiber Rivers and women washing there discovered is cleansing properties.

After that cleansing methods  moved on until Victorian times when women cleansed and washed with Elder flower water and rose water  recipes using lemon, cucumber and even horseradish.

Early in the 1890’s the first commercial soap appeared with the mid 20’s seeing cleansing tissues and the 30’s that saw Robert Cheeseborough introduce a cleanser to cream off dirt and makeup called Cold Cream and its still around today.

Since then all manner of cleansing products have been invented. But one woman’s soap and water may be another woman’s lotion. But never underestimate the power of cleansing. Incorrect cleansing can sabotage good skincare.

Choosing your cleansing product is just as important as choosing your moisturiser. Washing with soap or a foaming cleanser is one of the safest, most effective ways to cleanse your skin. It’s also a gentle way to cleanse as most of today’s soaps are made from natural ingredients.

So we’ve put together a collection of our ‘most wanted’ soaps and face washes to help you stay soft and beautifully cleansed but above all to use them to stay safe.

The Multi-Award winning Little Soap Company Naturals Collection allows you to have a soap for every occasion. The soaps are vegan, plant-based, cruelty free, sustainable, synthetic -free soap bars ,fragranced with only pure essential oils and free from all those nasties that have given soap a bad rap.

So collect a soap wardrobe with Sweet Orange – uplifting and invigorating, Lemon Zest – refreshing and uplifting, Peppermint and Eucalyptus – refreshing, stimulating and perfect for the chef, plus a Citrus and Lavender that relaxing, gentle and soothing.











There’s also an Eco Warrior Soap Dish made from renewable materials so you can bring your bars out of the bathroom and on the go with no damage to the environment and a great Eco Warrior Mini Cube with four mini cleansing bars for cleansing away from home. Available from












The lovely people at Lush have come up with a fun way of using soap to wash away dirt, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses.

Handmade in the UK using effective ingredients, they have been making packaging free soaps for over 25 years. There are 17 to choose from all with vegetable palm free soap base and effective ingredients.

So grab a chunk – all is cut fresh in shops or if you order on line. Here are our favourites Honey I Washed The Kids with sweet toffee and honey suds, Out Back Mate – created for Australian customers this is energising with peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus oil for their health boostin benefits. Sleepy has an amazing lavender scent to take you to dreamland , Lemon Zest is new and literally like putting your head in a basket of lemons whilst  13 Soap Unlucky For Dirt is a new antibacterial soap with oregano oil.












Miel-En-Mousse by Lancome is a wonderful foaming cleanser makeup remover with a rinse off formula. It is gentle and dissolves makeup and cleanses the skin leaving it clean, soft and comfortable.

It’s so easy to use, at work or on the go. Just massage into the skin, add luke warm water and its transforms into a velvety foam then add more water to rinse off. Miel-En-Mousse Foaming Cleanser is enriched with Acacia Honey and has a honey like texture that is just so beautiful to use.











There’s two new Face Washes just waiting to be discovered  in Neals Yard in the Victoria Quarter made for two different skin types.

In pump dispensers and in the familiar blue glass bottles  Orange Flower Facial Wash for dry and dehydrated skin types. With natural neroli oil, distilled from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, soothing calendula and cooling aloe vera, it washes away impurities and refreshes without drying any further.

Purifying Palmarosa Facial Wash is a deeply cleansing and natural facial wash for oily, combination and acne prone skin. It removes impurities without stripping away any of the skin’s natural oils












Whilst  in the Victoria Quarter call into the L’Occitane Boutique – they win the prize for the most cheerful boutique and the most delicious hand sanitizer in the Quarter! The crème de la crème of all things bright and beautiful can be found here and not least their range of soaps.

Especially for the face L’Occitane Face Soap is a gentle soft soap that transforms into a soft creamy lather. Infused with organic fig and honey from Provence it’s perfection for all skin types.











L’Occitane has a great range of soaps in every size and shape and for every mood from invigorating, uplifting and relaxing to beautifully perfumed works of art. And if you take any cosmetic packaging into the boutique you will receive 10 per cent off your purchase.





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