The montage of flowers, grasses, potted trees and plants that decorate the frontage of Bills Restaurant  have become a landmark piece of floral art in Albion Place.

This Georgian town house built in 1794 and once the home to William Hey, chief surgeon and one of the founders of the General Infirmary, proudly displays a blue plaque at the entrance.

Sit in the extended alfresco dining area for a pre-dinner drink or in warmer, less wet weather for your meal and its hard to imagine that when the house was built a large flower garden surrounded it and carriages clip-clopped along Albion Place.

Bills was one of the first boutique restaurants in the city and is now one of the few that has survived and is a firm favourite amongst discerning food lovers.

One of the reasons for its longevity is not only its good food, efficient and friendly staff and reasonable prices but the fact it changes its mantle with the time of day.

In the mornings it’s a bright and cheery place for breakfast or brunch, lunchtime brings a more relaxed atmosphere whilst in the evenings it takes on a candlelit style ambience.

The décor at Bills is tastefully simplistic with a rather rustic feel that has been skilfully created to retain the buildings Georgian charm.

It’s an exciting time for the restaurant as it has just launched a new and revived menu for the very first time in five years across all its sites.

But despite the changes Bills diners can expect all their classic dishes but with a new and refreshed twist whilst over a third of the new menu is comprised of plant based alternatives.

Bills is famed for its cocktails and even they have been refreshed. My colleague and I were more than impressed with our choice. My Strawberry Blush came in a tall glass and comprised of Black Cow Strawberry Vodka, Elder Flower Tonic and was garnished with lots of fresh strawberries. It had a real strawberry taste and was tangy and refreshing.

Also very refreshing was my colleague Passion Fruit Martini made with vanilla flavoured vodka. This was garnished with a floating slice of the fruit which gave it a wonderful strong taste of passion fruit. There’s also a great range of Gin and Tonics both flavoured and plain expertly  paired with some amazing mixers.








For starters I chose the Chicken and Sesame Dumplings served with their own spicy chutney. It was a very generous portion and presented beautifully. The dumplings were crispy and a looked so carefully hand made made being crimped on the edges and there was a generous filling of chicken inside.

My colleague opted for the Bills Sticky Duck Salad. The pulled duck was in a spicy BBQ sauce with watermelon and coriander. The duck was shredded really fine and the sauce had a great flavour. The garnish of Lambs lettuce and watermelon was a lovely contrast and really cleared the palate.

When it comes to Bills I am a traditionalist and I am sure the staff almost know what my main course will be. I went for the Bills Classic Burger. The beef patty was smooth and tasty and cooked to my liking. The garnish of house pickles, tomato, lettuce red onion and their secret sauce was perfect and the rosemary salted fries added a new dimension.








The plant-based menu held the choice for my colleague. She went for the Halloumi Shawarma. The dish was so artistically presented  with grilled halloumi and a chopped salad, hummus, house pickles, tzatziki and baked flat breads. There were so many different tastes and flavours yet they blended together to make a tasty and wonderful dish.

If there were Oscars given for imaginatively presented and amazing sweets Bills would certainly be the winners.

The Bills Flower Pot has always been a favourite of mine and has become a legend  in its own right. Served in an edible chocolate plant pot the strawberry cheesecake with chocolate soil, fresh strawberries and an edible flower was my colleague’s choice – her verdict – simply amazing!








I opted for the Eton Colada certainly deserved more than my  usual verdict of heaven on a plate in fact it could have been made in the angel’s kitchen.  It contained fresh pineapple, ice cream, coconut, meringue, whipped cream and was toped off with a maraschino cherry.

Leaving Bills I was quite relieved that the new menu although more experiential still provided the food that customers have come to know and love with just a new spin on it.

From business breakfasts or lunches, family meals and celebrations to the ultimate stylish venue for ladies wo lunch or fancy a delicious cream afternoon tea, gossipy girlie nights out or those romantic meals – Bills can be anything you can it to be – and that’s the secret of its success.

The restaurant is open seven days a week: –

Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday 8-00am – 10.00pm – Thursday, Friday & Saturday 8.00am – 11.00pm

Bills Restaurant, 1 Albion Place, Leeds.

To book or to see menus etc visit www.bills-website.co.uk



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