The National Coal Mining Museum has opened its doors after nearly five months of closure due to the Coronavirus lockdown, work behind the scenes will allow the museum to welcome visitors back to the site with two brand new exhibitions and a newly restored Headstock

Visitors will follow a pre-determined route, using an optional family friendly guide booklet, through six great galleries meeting former miners who can bring their personal stories and humour to the experience.

There is a brand-new permanent exhibition ‘A Light in the Darkness’ which explores a great mining icon, the Mine Safety Lamp, thanks to a grant from AIM Biffa Award. It will explore the contribution of Sir Humphry Davy and other innovators to the development of the miners’ lamp which not only provided light to work but is recognised for saving countless lives in mining. The special exhibition space will play host to a group of artists who began as miners but went on to be widely acclaimed for their artistic ability inspired by their experiences underground. The Drawn from the Pits exhibition reveals the difficulties and joys of life in the mining industry and the community that grew around it. The museum’s horse and three ponies will also be grateful to welcome visitors on to the site.

The National Coal Mining Museum remains a fabulous and engaging day out for all the family. Admission is free as always however visitors will need to book online in advance (a small booking fee is charged per group)

Visitors can pre-book their visits at where there will be an option to make a donation to contribute to the educational charity’s work.





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