It’s hardly hot  news that over the last couple of  decades men have been paying more attention to grooming and beauty. It’s no longer just a quick dab of aftershave, a splash of cologne or the occasional application of a  moisturiser, they now have their very own ranges of grooming and beauty  products.

In 2018 Chanel created the first makeup line for men. The collection included a foundation, lip balm and an eyebrow pencil.

Now, Boy De Chanel has added to its range a fortifying gel moisturiser, fresh and lightweight and instantly absorbed without an oily finish, a concealer that glides on an erases dark circles and skin imperfections and a three-in-one eye pencil with a 12 hour hold.











The collection also includes Boy De Chanel Le Vernis. An absolute fashion forward item that takes manicures to a new masculine level.

According to freelance nail artist and groomer Anatole Rainey, who works closely with Chanel, lockdown changed men’s attitude especially towards their nails.

“Grooming in general, and nails in particular, was something I noticed a lot of men paying more attention to during lockdown. It seemed men enjoyed the quality time of taking care of themselves.

Recognised globally as an artist who continually pushes the boundaries of editorial nail design, after completing a history of art degree in London he moved to Paris to study French. It was in Paris, after a nail technician friend asked him to assist her on the Versace Couture show and saw his natural skill, he was encouraged to pursue this new and unexpected path.

Anatole is now one of the most innovative and influential nail artists in the fashion world working on the shows of leading designers as well as top photographers.  His list of start-studded fingertips include Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham, Cate Blanchette, Diane Kruger and Lady Gaga.

“Nails are beginning to see a real surge in interest. Where we used to see the occasional chipped goth black, I’ve had more men asking for a perfect glossy version. David Beckham likes his nails buffed to a shine – the quick version of this is a neutral Boy de CHANEL Le Vernis, which adds an elegant sheen to any look, with the added benefit of its nail-strengthening properties. For a subtle look, the matte alternative does the same thing with the added boon of being noticeably quick dry”.









Hot off the press also at the Chanel counter  comes BLEU DE CHANEL parfum twist and spray for men. This intensely masculine woody aromatic fragrance that opens with freshness and then lingers with a precious accord illuminated by New Caledonian sandalwood is now available in a refillable, travel friendly Twist and Spray, a perfect combination of the technical and practical in an elegant form. Ideal for travel or after sport. It comes in a 20ml with two refills and when its time to fill up there’s a set of three refills available. A perfect under the tree or stocking filler.

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