It’s the time of year when we start to think about fragrance for those special occasions.

Over the years I have interviewed many top international perfumiers and their message has always been the same that perfume is an important accessory and time is needed to appreciate and choose the right one.

A perfume must express your emotions, your personality and how you feel.

It’s tempting to go for one that has caught your eye in a magazine, you like the smell of it on a friend or you have took a fancy the shape of the bottle – don’t.

Shopping for your fragrance is an important as choosing your dress for that special occasion.

Don’t smell the fragrance in bulk in the bottle you get a misleading impression.

The oils, essences and alcohol are balanced to blend with your natural skin oils and acids.

Spray on to your wrist and wait at least five minutes then you will get the right impression of what the fragrance is like.

Spray no more than two perfumes on each wrist and make your final decision alone and away from the perfume counter.

Wearing your fragrance

Layering perfume is the best way to make it last. Start by using shower gel, bathing product or soap, then body lotion and then finish by spritzing the body with fragrance. The fragrance will last slightly longer when spritzed on to damp skin after a bath or shower.

You can wear perfume on your wrists but do not rub them together it changes the smell.

Pulse points are where perfume lasts longer These are behind the knees, the wrists at the ankles, navel and collarbone.

The worst place for fragrance is behind the ears as there are no sebaceous glands there so the alcohol dries and ages the skin.

Keep it smelling good

Once you have made your choice do not hoard it as once opened a bottle of perfume gradually deteriorates. Force stoppers in firmly, replace bottles in their box and store them away from light and air.

Perfume should ideally be used within six months of purchase even less if you want to ensure no deterioration of the smell has occurred.

Something old – something new…

We all have our own favourite fragrance for whatever reason but sometimes it makes a pleasant change to try another one – perhaps a new one or one from a perfumier who you have not used before. Be brave and try something different – you’ll be glad you did.

So here in no particular order – as they say on strictly are some of our favourites some well known and some not so well known.

Why not visit those lovely people in the at the Jo Malone boutique in the Victoria Quarter to hear all about their recent launch English Pear and Freesia Collection.

It’s inspired by orchards awash with golden sunshine. There’s something unexpected by its ingredients that needs to be experienced. A full collection as always comes with this fragrance.








What else can you say about this all time classic that is Chanel No.5.  A 100 years after its creation, its seductive power and modernity remain undiminished. Pure luxurious indulgence for your wish list.











Coach Dreams is an oriental and floral fragrance with opening with fruity notes of pear and bergamot, a heart of jasmine flowers and base notes of Tonka Bean,Vanilla. Inspired by free spirited adventure.











Described as an invitation to laugh, love and be 100% yourself Abercrombie & Fitch Naturally Fierce Perfume comes from the floral fruity wood family. This new fragrance joins the established Fierce range. For sheer indulgence why not try their newest fragrance Away Woman a floral, fruity fragrance designed to wear anywhere any time.











Even if you cannot afford a pair of Choo shoes then you can still have a touch of this famous designer. I Want Choo is a powerful floral fragrance with seductive notes of Velvet, Peach Red Spider Lily and Vanilla.











A warm, woody, gender-neutral perfume with the comforting pairing of sandalwood and olibanum at its heart. This fragrance is the newest addition to the Lush perfume range.

Using sandalwood extracted from protected and sustainable trees in West Timor and olibanum sourced from the Dayaxa region in Somaliland which has full traceability down to harvester level, Shade is a fragrance with a conscience.










From Goutal Paris to celebrate their 40th anniversary comes two limited editions of their best selling fragrances. Eau d’Hadrien and Petite Cherie.

Eau d’Hadrien is a combination of Sicilian Lemon, Grapefruit, Cypress and Bergamot. Petite Cherie has Pear, Each, Rose, Vanilla and Fresh Cut Grass.


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