It’s often quite a challenge to get the right gift for mother’s day. So why not give her a special treat and something she is really going to appreciate that won’t end up at the back of the cupboard or forgotten in an upstairs drawer.

So why not chose a treat that she’s sure to love and odds are she will love you even more for gifting it to her.

Mum’s who love gin and who love cocktails are sure to adore Otterbeck Distillery’s Cotton Gin. The distillery is situated in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales amid the moors, parkland and farmland. Already a winner with its drinkers it won the Gold Award Gin Masters Spirits Business Award in 2020.

She can drink it however she likes  or maybe she may want to try a new Martini for Mother’s Day created by TV’s Andy Clarke.

Ingredients (for two cocktails)
3 Parts (150ml) Cotton Gin
2 Parts (100 ml) Londinio Rosé Vermouth
1 Part (50ml) Pomegranate Juice
20 Pomegranate Seeds
2 Sprigs of Tarragon
A Large Handful of Ice
1 x Cocktail Shaker & 2 x Martini Glasses

Chill the glasses. Put the ice to the shaker and add all liquid ingredients. Shake for 20 seconds or until the shaker condensates and is extremely cold to touch. Pour into the glasses and decorate with the pomegranate seeds and tarragon leaves.

The recipe may be for two but even if she’s home alone she will appreciate a second cocktail. And don’t forget to get her the ingredients and pop them over her gate.

For more information on stockists, the distillery and the premium gin visit www.otterbeckdistillery.co.uk









Gift or toast your incredible mother and mother earth herself who keeps us all in check with a bottle of the eco-conscious wine brand Seachange.

With their newly launched Prosecco Rosé, we can all look forward to the promise of sunnier days and summer adventures as spring dawns. Hailing from the picturesque Veneto region of North-Eastern Italy, the eco-friendly fizz combines all the best qualities of Prosecco with all the sophistication of a rosé, perfect for pairing with light pasta dishes and seafood, and enjoying on a warm spring evening.

As well as the Prosecco Rose there is an Only Rose pack make up of Provence Rose, Prosecco Rose and the Chateau Canet Rose. Sea Change wines are only available on line from www.seachangewine.com. The brand makes a donation to marine conservation charities to fight plastic pollution with every bottle sold and have raised £65,000 so far.







If  wine is mum’s tipple then a new wine from Down Under is sure to please. Jacobs Creek Double Barrel Chardonnay is the world’s first Chardonnay aged in Scotch Whisky barrels and joins the Shiraz aged in these barrels and a Cabernet Sauvignon finished in Irish Whisky Barrels.

The Chardonnay is great on its own or paired with a vast number of dishes. This wine has an intense ripe citrus flavour with complex aromas of tasted malt, cut apples and peanut brittle. On the palate, the wine is vibrant and has a firm structure due to the contact with the whisky barrel.  Available from Sainsbury’s.










And finally Mothers Day wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without the chocolates but here’s something that will keep her going right through till the Eastern Eggs arrive. The Chocolate Lovers Gift Bag has everything – mmm  me thinks I’ll order one for myself. Remember there’s still time to order on line from our Yorkshire Chocolatier. Visit www.bettys.co.uk.



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