Vidal Sassoon cited the ideology of the Bauhaus and their edict that ‘Form Follows Function’ as his key influence when developing his architecturally inspired method in the early sixties, when Vidal Sassoon was there to shape London’s swinging hair into his signature geometric look.











As the Sassoon Brand celebrates its 65th year and The Bauhaus its 100th, the team have utilised their rich heritage and their architectural pedigree as the key background inspiration for the looks in the collections for 2020. It is also appropriate now to provide an insight into why, at this significant time, the appeal of Sassoon is so enduring and what role the principles of the Bauhaus have played in defining the Sassoon ‘Look.’











Gareth Vance, Sassoon Assistant UK Creative Director explains, “Today people want ease and performance as well as style but in a relaxed way. Hair has to reflect the needs of today’s lifestyles which are hectic and time poor, so nobody wants a complicated style that requires hours of daily upkeep.”

Gareth continues, “Our heritage is very important to us and we always use this as a reference for our work. Our signature Sassoon bob is softly redrawn for this season alongside mid-length layered shapes that sit snugly into the shoulder in what we are calling the ‘cosy’ length! The shapes are dried with maximum shine and reflection, with a gentle ruffle of texture and movement introduced for a gently unstructured appeal.











For colour, Gareth adds that “Weaves and slices are most appropriate at the moment to enhance the look. The tones diffuse through the modern geometric shapes and are placed strategically around cool base shades that add shine and reflection to promote healthy looking hair.”











Finally Gareth states, “We have one look in mind this season and its yours”

You’ll find the Sassoon Salon at 63 Albion Street, Leeds 1. Tel: 0113 244 8813

The salon is closed until 3rd December due to Government restrictions however visit their website where you can book on line and view what services are available at the creme de la creme of the city’s salons. Visit

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