With holidays and staycations looming and the call of beach and pool beckoning its time to blitz those beauty blind spots.

Body Brushing

For an extra clean feel brush your body every day before showering or bathing. This helps slough off dead skin cells and other forms of surface dirt and is also thought to be effective in the battle against cellulite because it boosts the lymphatic drainage system into action, breaking down toxins that have become trapped in fat cells.


Get into the habit of using a gentle exfoliating body scrub or cream twice or three times a week. This helps slough off dead skin cells and gives the skin a finer texture and boosts sluggish circulation. Exfoliation softens those areas such as heels, knees, elbows which are prone to dry skin and also enhances the softening effects of moisturizers and body oils. Remember its  essential to exfoliate before using any fake tan product.

Try Fenty Skin’s Brand New Buff Ryder, Exfoliating Body Scrub. A tropical inspired body scrub that refines and renews skin. Buff Ryder smooths and exfoliates with a gentle and effective blend of sugar, salt and actual superfine sand and is packed with decadent tropical oils for a nourishing touch












Skin So Soft

Dry Oils used after a bath or shower will enhance the softness of your skin and prevent against de-hydration. Dry Oils are light and pleasant to use and non greasy. They are useful to use before going to bed if you have been out in the sun or after a shower. Let them dry before applying sunscreen.

Great for body maintenance is  Neals Yard Remedies Wild Rose Dry Body Oil with organic wild rosehip seed oil and naturally derived olive leaf extracts instantly replenishes skin and moisturises for up to 24 hours with its blend of organic oils. Why not team it up with their Wild Rose Body Polish?

Pop into their boutique in the Victoria Quarter and chat to those lovely people about their other skin saving products.














Big Softie

There’s a million and one body lotions and creams on the market and you can choose one according to your skin type, lifestyle or even your mood.


L’Occitane’s New Happy Shea Collection (in our main picture) It has all the same benefits as their Shea collection but has mood lifting fragrance. The collection includes an ultra rich body cream and an ultra rich hydrator, a lighter option for warmer weather plus a shower cream and hand cream. Visit the relocated boutique in the Victoria Quarter and try them for yourself.











The Body Shop has added a new flavour to their 200ml body butter range – avocado. Vegan certified these butters moisturise for up to 96 hours.











The Fresh Raspberry range is made for summer and has everything you may need for bodycare. There’s a body scrub, shower gel, hydrating body mist and whipped body butter. Featuring raspberry seed oil  and fruit extracts for scent it smells fresh like a punnet of fresh raspberries.











Keep Your Cool….

L’Occitane’s Verbena and Cactus cream delivers great hydrating properties after a day in the due to its high water content and is just what is needed for after sun care.



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