Once outside Yorkshire looked down their noses at the humble rhubarb – then suddenly it became the in ingredient and very fashionable. To us its always been a source of tasty healthy dishes from pies to jams and even wine!

In West Yorkshire we have now what they term as the rhubarb triangle and there’s no lengths to what it is used for these days from a must have ingredient in top culinary establishments to one of our favourite fruits, especially in crumbles.

Now rhubarb has gone a step further with award-winning local Mixologist, Thomas Higham, has partnering  with LABEL 5 Scotch Whisky to create a bespoke new cocktail recipe, inspired by Leeds, as part of the brand’s City Cocktails campaign.

The Old Rhubarb Cocktail created by Thomas celebrates Rhubarb, an ingredient synonymous with the city’s position in the iconic ‘Rhubarb Triangle’. The hero of the drink is locally sourced Rhubarb, mixed with LABEL 5 Whisky and Port for a fresh and fruity cocktail.

Thomas Higham, bar manager at one of the city’s restaurants, said: “When I was challenged by LABEL 5 to create a drink that was inspired by the culture and heritage of Leeds, I went straight for its ‘roots’ and decided to celebrate the city’s location within the Rhubarb Triangle. Rhubarb complemented the fruity notes of the Whisky perfectly, and I can’t wait for locals to try it!”

If you want to try James’s cocktail at home here is the recipe. Cheers!

You will need 40ml LABEL 5 Classic Black Scotch Whisky;15ml Porto CRUZ Tawny;3 Dashes fresh Rhubarb Bitters.

Fill a large cocktail shaker with the ingredients and add ice up ¾.Using a Hawthorne strainer, strain the liquid from one shaker to the other, creating a thin run of liquid, allowing for oxidisation.Throw the drink and serve over a large block of hand carved ice. Garnish with Orange twist






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