Winter Skin Fixes

How to fight the January Beauty Nightmares

Winter Skin Fixes

January brings with it a whole range of beauty nightmares. Too many late nights partying over the festive season, winter chills, the drying effect of central heating and generally feeling under the weather after the long trawl of burning the candle at both ends!

When its cold and dry, the air around you can suck the moisture out of your skin and wind further dehydrates the skin and causes it to become dry, rough, sore, flaky and itchy..To put it bluntly January is your skin’s arch enemy.

Outside the temperature falls and inside the heating goes up. Central heating wrecks havoc on the skin, eyes and nasal passages, drying them out and causing discomfort. So don’t have your room too hot and if you have a room humidifier it helps as it balances out the moisture levels in the room.

First Steps
Good skin comes from inside so look at your diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and drink lots of water. Its easy to forget how important drinking lots of water is during the colder months, as we’re typically less thirsty than in summer. In fact, it is more important that ever, especially after Christmas time when alcohol is flowing freely. If your skin becomes dehydrated you will look tired and your complexion will appear dull.

Bathe Safe: When it’s cold outside the idea of a hot bath is very appealing, but it can dry your skin. Try a lukewarm bath instead and remember not to stay in for too long as the water will remove the natural oils in your skin disrupting your skins moisture barrier, leaving it more susceptible to dryness which can accentuate your wrinkles. Once you’re out of the bath, avoid rubbing your skin dry as this distresses it, instead gently pat dry with a soft towel; this is particularly important for delicate facial skin. Use a moistening body butter or cream and allow time for it to soak in before dressing.

Moisturise morning and evening to keep skin protected and put back the moisture that it has lost. If your skin still feels dry switch to a heavier moisturiser. Moisturisers not only hydrate the skin but help maintain the important barrier function of skin, which is necessary whether your skin is dry, normal or oily.

Exfoliate in winter to shed flaky, dry skin and keep skin looking fresh. Whenever the temperature changes, skin’s balance is thrown off and certain mechanisms just don’t work properly anymore – cells don’t generate fast enough leading to flakiness and dullness.

Protect Lips – The lips are also hard-hit at this time of year – particularly if you spend a lot of time outside in the sun and wind. Lips need lots of moisture as well SPF protection which you can get in your lipstick or lip-gloss. The key to keep lips kissable is to apply lip balm rather than licking your lips whenever they start to feel the least bit dry or chapped.

Hand Feeding – Don’t forget your hands. Winter especially in the polluted cities can remove lipids and natural moisturising factors without giving skin time to build them again. This causes the skin on the hands to become dry and causes premature ageing.

Face Savers
There are a few quick fixes to help skin look less dull and lifeless and put a sparkle on your face.

Try using a colour corrector which will change the appearance of the complexion by adding warmth, calming redness and boosting tired and sallow skin.

Use a light reflecting foundation. The surface of the skin reflects light so by copying this process and by creating a brighter glow it is possible to change the way the skin look with this type of foundation.

You an enliven winter skin with colour. For cheeks stick to rose and amber pink tones that won’t compete with any natural flush or try a bronze or honey blusher. On the lips rose gold based reds or deep matt berry shades. If you like nude shades choose one with an orange pigment. Avoid pale pinks as these can look too cold and give a washed out look.

Camel and taupe shades on the eyes help to brighten up the face but add a hint of copper or bronze for warmth.

Finally energise your skin, as well as your body and mind and get yourself moving and boost your circulation. Sluggish circulation can affect how your skin looks worsening bloating and puffiness, paleness and loss of muscle tone. Exercise opens up blood vessels and makes skin look healthy.

Six of the best winter beauty fixes:

  • Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner £15.50
  • Clarins Beauty Repair Concentrate £40
  • Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex £36
  • Rituals Intensive Moisture Mask £13.50
  • Lush British Nanny Moisturiser £25.95
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