Joshua Tetley and Sons have brought their newest ale back to the city where it belongs.

For Leeds is synonymous with Tetley’s Ales and, in fact the whole Tetley dynasty. The Tetley family became leading citizens of Leeds with sons having distinguished careers as officers in both World Wars.

As a child I remember seeing their lovely dray horses in and around town and in the suburbs delivering barrels of beer to the pubs. My mother, who had been at school with one of the Tetley daughters used to tell me :”they use horses so the beer doesn,t get shaken about and fizzy” whether that was right or not I will never know but it satisfied this inquisitive little girl at the time.

I also remember the smell of hops drifting over the bridge and into the vicinity of the then Parish Church or if the wind was blowing the other way into Hunslet Road.

In 2011 the brewing dynasty founded in 1822 by Joshua Tetley was no more and it moved on and away from Leeds leaving a void in the city.

But now with the launch of Tetley’s Number 3 Pale Ale its back being brewed in the city – not at the Hunslet Road site but by the Leeds Brewery in partnership with Tetley Brew Masters.

The recipe for this pale ale has been inspired by the original recipe for Pale Ale which was brewed 150 years ago in 1868, and plucked from Tetley’s extensive beer archive spanning over 200 years.

This brew gives drinkers a taste of the 19th century and features a logo created in 1800’s. This unique historical brew uses entirely English hops to create a full flavoured beer.

Amazingly enough this new beer is being brewed not only from the original recipe but within a mile of where it would have been originally brewed.

Says Sam Moss of Leeds Brewery: “As passionate brewers, when we were approached to create a been inspired by a 150 year old recipe from the Tetley Archives it was a challenge. It’s been an exciting process and we have been faithful  to the original recipe.”

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