Your Education In Indian Street Food Begins Here

Rola Wala, Hindi for ‘man that rolls’, is the unimaginably perfect combination of a Western Street Food concept and Eastern flavour, bringing you Indian food like you have never seen or tasted before across the UK.

Born in the brain of an untameable Australian foodie, with a serious entrepreneurial side, after time spent wandering India, brought to life over a period of eighteen months experimenting across the flourishing street feast scene. Rola Wala began life as a grab-and-go Indian food concept offering Naan rolls with a selection of vibrant and exotic filling options on the streets of London. Driven by a true passion for food and people and grown out of a desire to produce the healthiest options without losing any of the incredible spices or flavours, the result is the cleanest, lightest and most sumptuously flavourful dining experience you have ever enjoyed.

Combining unbelievable flavours from across India, the tastes of Kolkata street markets and Bombay beaches are brought to you with a level of care and attention that beggars belief. This product was honed on the streets of the London food festivals to produce an ultimate creation that truly cannot be matched. With health and flavour at the fore of every decision made, the ingredients and cooking methods have been painstakingly selected and refined to bring you the UK’s boldest, most fresh and healthy Indian flavours. Far from the predictable fare of the Westernised Indian restaurant there is not a Korma in sight at this ‘Twisted’ joint and once you’ve had a bite, you’ll be grateful too.

Taking on their first sit-down site at the end of 2014 in the trendy Trinity Kitchen at Leeds Trinity, the concept is ever evolving and has developed to incorporate more filling options, meat and vegetarian, as well as a range of bespoke craft beers to perfectly compliment the subtle spices of the delectable food. From the East London cool of their pop-ups and free standing sight to the vibrant colours and flavours of this unique Indian dining experience, this is a food movement set to take the UK by storm.

With a burgeoning residence in Leeds, regular visits to the Street Food circuit in London and three permanent sites in the capital rolling out this year, once you have had this rolling Indian man in your life you’ll never want anything else.


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