Long before The Great Gatsby was premiered it was setting the trend for the hottest looks in fashion, hair and beauty, jewellery and accessories


Occasion and evening wear and even bridal designers created 20’s style dresses, hats and accessories whilst hair and makeup took on a distinctly structured Gatsby look to match the dropped waist dresses, lace veils, headbands, cloche hats and those wonderfully low heeled pointed toe shoes.

So with the runway and the red carpet heavily referencing the elegant 1920’s now is the time to experiment with your hair, taking inspiration from the finger waves and sleek bobs that made the era influential.

Gareth Vance, Senior Creative Director at the Sassoon Salon in Leeds admits he loved Daisy Buchanan’s 1920’s bob. “It was brought up to date with a softer fringe, rather than the blunt cut that was popular at the time. There was a fresh, modern interpretation of the twenties rather than vintage twenties in the film” says Gareth one of the city’s top creative stylists.

“The key to many of the looks in the film was sleek and head hugging. For a highly elegant look it’s important the hair stays in place with complete control. This is a highly styled look so you need to invest time and effort to achieve the desired result”, he says.

The alternative to the twenties classic finger waves was a much softer effect, not quite so defined. “Teased out styles with a more mussed-up, modern take on the precise method favoured in the twenties. Great for girls who prefer a more undone look but still want to have the Gatsby edge to their look”, says Gareth.

“To achieve this look, wet hair and divide into four sections. Braid loosely, and then leave the hair to dry naturally. Once dry gently run the fingers through the hair for soft sexy waves”.

A top tip from Gareth whether you are aiming for your normal or a special Gatsby look is to “always be gentle with your hair” if you want to prevent frizz and damage.

“One key element to prevent this is to never disrupt the hair cuticle. “Instead of rough drying with a towel, simply squeeze the towel around your strands to soak up excess moisture and apply a serum, such as Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish which smooths frizz and flyaways, protects and gives a glamorous finish, before blow-drying” he suggests.

“Serums will be your hair saviour and are a must for getting a Great Gatsby look”.

For further personalised tips visit The Sassoon Salon in Albion Street for a complimentary consultation.

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