QDOS’s production of Cinderella is the ultimate in traditional pantomime. It’s magical, spectacular  and has a cast that one can only dream about .

Cinderella is slick, fast paced and seamless with dynamic choreography, story book sets and of course the usual startling special effects including a flying coach and horses.

Sticking firmly to the story there’s all the old tried, trusted and loved  panto gags that audiences never tire of. The ‘If I was not in pantomime’ and the Trio on the Wall were sheer masterpieces of comedy timing and physical theatre.

The mainstay of the Alhambra panto for 18 years isBilly Pearce “This year my name is Buttons”

Hardly ever off stage he has boundless energy and never lets up, despite admitting to the audience “I’m a pensioner”.

Pearce’s humour has a strong local flavour and the kids and adults just love it and he always leaves the stage with them yelling for more.

Graham Hoadley (Hernia) and Jack Land Noble (Verruca) as the Uglies are outstanding with their irreverent repartee, cutting edge humour  and garish over-the-top outfits. The pair gel beautifully together and their song and dance numbers are pure gold.

As The Fairy Godmother, Coleen Nolan is wonderfully warm and appealing. She makes everyone believe that she really can dispense magic and what’s more shows she has a real talent for comedy in her scenes with Pearce whilst her son, Shane Nolan makes a fun loving  affable Dandeni.

Sarah Goggins portrays Cinderella as it should be portrayed with an innocent childlike mantle that  children can really believe in. A powerful singer she blends beautifully with her dashing Prince Charming  (Sam Barrett) both demonstrating great comedy timing in the Wall trio.

With an energetic all round singing and dancing ensemble and the famous Sunbeams completing the lineup.

Cinderella has a great feel good factor and is one of the best pantomimes around and a must see over the Festive Season.

Runs till 28 January

The Alhamabra Theatre, Bradford

Liz Coggins is a member of The Critics Circle

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