Mischievous meerkats attempt Great Escape from Tropical World F


Visitors to one of Leeds’ most popular visitor attractions are being advised that they will not be able to see the meerkats for a short while, after a number of the gang attempted a Great Escape type breakout from their enclosure!

Work is now being undertaken by members of staff to secure the meerkat area at Tropical World after it was discovered that four of the most daring and inquisitive group had tunnelled their way out of the enclosure and into a nearby section of cactus beds. Meerkats are well known to enjoy a spot of digging, and when an eagle-eyed member of the public spotted the escapees they were returned back safe and sound to their family and friends. The meerkats are now being looked after by the Tropical World team in another area of the attraction, which does mean that they will not be on view to the public until repairs are completed.

Home also to a wide range of animals from butterflies, birds, fish, reptiles and nocturnal monkeys to bearded dragons and bats, Tropical World has now also welcomed a host of new arrivals to its ranks following the revamp. On offer includes an octopus, seahorses, stingray, dart frogs, Asian Tigerfish and a red bellied piranha that sit aside other improvements such as the introduction of a fantastic new aquarium, a new toilet block with changing facilities, rainforest themed mosaics and environmentally friendly electrical and heating improvements. After experiencing the delightful wildlife there is a chance to relax and enjoy a tasty snack or drink in the new conservatory extension to the café which overlooks the beautiful Canal Gardens.

In 2013, 390,000 people visited Tropical World, making it the Yorkshire and Humber’s third most popular paid attraction.

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