The Good Hour

Liz Coggins discovers the perfect deep tissue, full body massage with its own unique muscle release technique at Leeds’s Lush Spa

The Good Hour

If you are physically active, this is the massage that will get you through. Or if you are the person that finds yourself rushing around, constantly building up tension then The Good Hour is what you need for a reprieve.

Feeling absolutely full of aches and pains I descended into the depths of The Lush Spa to experience the Good Hour and did I need it.

The Good Hour is a full body, deep tissue massage to work out muscular tension and get to the root of the problems that cause persistent pain in the body. The first part of the treatment is to discuss with the therapist beforehand your problem areas as the treatment is personalised for each customer. Once your problem areas have been established they become the focus point for the treatment. Mine through nature of my work was of course my arms, neck and shoulders caused by spending most of my working life as a journalist as a keyboard or in the good old days a typewriter.

This magic treatment is exclusively designed by Gavin Morey anacclaimed sports therapist and author. It consists of a deep tissue full body massage that lasts just over an hour using unique muscle release techniques. Gavin picked up these unusual techniques from his travels to The Soloman Islands, where he studied with tribal Witch Doctors. The massage movements and pressure applied work to release and relax the body working out any knots and tensions.

As with all Lush treatments there is a beautiful music and sound accompaniment and lots of lovely surprises. This massage is inspired by and choreographed to, rugged sea shanties that evoke a sense of being taken out to sea and back again – and what’s so amazing you make this wonderful journey in an hour – I could have been a million miles away from the centre of Leeds.

Entering the treatment room is like beginning a mystical journey with its eerie candle lighting, the sounds of a rickety ship on the waves and sea mist rolling around the deck its just like a ship’s cabin plus with Lush’s signature touch of dry ice mixed with seaweed and salt infused by Big Blue bath ballistic you are, as with all Lush treatments transported to another world.

There’s specially composed beautiful sea shanties that really do give you a feeling of release from those aches and your massage starts and as you are taken out onto the high seas the massage becomes more intense, working on the deep tissue as the music becomes louder.

By this time my therapist had began to work on the pressure points in my body focussing on the chest, arms, legs and back areas where muscles had become tight or tough. She used special jelly discs designed exclusively for the Lush Spa, made with eucalyptus, spearmint and peppermint oils to cool and alternate the body’s temperature and release the muscles as the blood starts pumping. This really does help to work out the tension.

Nearing the end of my journey the sea shanties turned into a more comical Captain Pugwash style and the massage drew to a close. Once I had relaxed I was treated to a very British cup of tea with and the optional splash of rum.

The verdict: My body really was free of tension and I was ready to face the world again. This is one treatment that’s going to become part of my health and beauty regime I can tell you.!

The Facts
The Good Hour is £75 for a 60/70 minute deep tissue full body massage

Tailor Made is £40 for a 30/40minutes tailor-made massage a shorter version of the Good Hour. It gets straight to the deep tissue, hard massage and works on the problem areas. Ideal when you don’t have long but want to get rid of the niggly shoulder or neck ache.
Call The Lush Spa at 0113 2433626

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