Liz Coggins tries the new menu at The Revolution Bar.


There’s been a major revolution at the Revolution Bar! Gone are the dark heavy furnishings and traditional wooden seating area – in its place a modern urban chic look.

Enter through the French doors and its like being in Provence with delicate furnishing, floral décor, plants, cushions and discreet seating bays. There’s a conservatory and summerhouse effect here that bodes well with the menu. And it’s no exaggeration to say its seats are so sinkable yet at the right height they must be the most comfortable in town.

The bar’s menu features heavily on stone baked pizzas, burghers, wraps, flatbreads and salads – but these are not the ordinary run of the mill restaurant items – these are truly designer label and specially created for the Revolution.

After perusing the excellent menu with a plethora of choices we decided to start with one of the bar’s famous cocktails and were simply mesmerised by the choice. Being an Indian Summer night my colleague opted for the Wild Berry Mojito whilst I chose the classic Bramble with Tenure gin and lemon juice drizzled with Crème de Mure.

After placing our cocktail and food order we were eagerly looking forward to sampling our cocktails. However our pre-dinner drinks took 45 minutes to arrive! Service is not the forte of this establishment certainly not on the Thursday night we visited. All the courses took an endless time to arrive, evening allowing for individual orders to be cooked, and at one point we thought we had been forgotten – as did some other dinners who remarked about the slow service.

However when our cocktails arrived we were not disappointed. For starters my colleague opted for Butterflied Shrimps garnished with healthy pea shoots with an easy dipping sauce which was just a tad too sweet. My choice of meatballs was certainly worth waiting for. The meat balls were tender and tasty and served with a piece of brioche and house ketchup.

The Revolution I can honestly say is gaining an excellent reputation for its pizzas. The dough is hand made to an authentic recipe, hand stretched and topped with a delicious Italian tomato sauce. I simply had to have one. I chose the Margherita with a topping of Vodka chicken. I was not disappointed. The dough was delicious and the pizza stone baked to perfection.

My colleague opted for the Lemon and Garlic Chicken Stone-Baked Flatbread. The grilled and marinated chicken was served on skewers again on a “yummy” as she described it flatbread base and served with red salad and a herb dressing.

To accompany our meal we chose a Pinot Grigio Rose that was excellent value for its high quality.

After another interminable wait we finally got round to ordering our desserts. The New York Cheesecake was my colleagues choice and she declared it to be “absolutely delicious” . I decided to be more adventurous going for the Chocolate and Blueberry Fluffwich. This mystified me as even from the description of fluffy dough sandwiched together with marshmallows and chocolate in a sweet batter with a blueberry dipping sauce I could not visualise it. But I can tell you its pure heaven on a plate and a must to try.

We finished our meal with one of the best cappuccino coffees that I have had for some time, hot and strong yet fluffy with milk and of course we couldn’t leave the Revolution, the City’s most famous Vodka bar without a shot of my favourite Zubrowka.

The Revolution Cocktails and Kitchen Bar, The Electric Press, Millennium Square, Leeds. Tel: 0113 3804992

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