Snozone recently applied to break a Guinness World Record for the longest distance snowboarded indoors over 24 hours, which at the time was set at around 25,000 metres.   Anyone who could already snowboard proficiently could take part and the record attempt was held simultaneously in both Snozone Milton Keynes and Snozone Castleford with all the action streamed live online!

In Castleford, Benjamin Stansfield, who has been snowboarding for over 6 years signed up and was determined to achieve his goal of being a world record holder.  He was also joined by three other riders all eager to succeed!

Following intense preparation by both Snozone and the participants, the record attempt began and all 4 started the mammoth snowboarding challenge with the support of the whole team at Snozone.

During the 24 hour period, despite a valiant attempt by the other riders, Benjamin became the sole competitor absolutely focussed on the end goal of breaking this record.  With only selected breaks and physically riding for over 20 hours, he achieved a phenomenal distance of  93,150 metres, which Guinness World Records have this week verified and confirmed as being the current world record!

“The challenge itself was not just down to snowboarding for 24 hours but finding out what we all were capable of” says Benjamin. “I learned a lot about myself during those 24 hours. There were plenty of times I wanted to lie down & quit, stop riding & go inside for rest, but I kept saying to myself “One more lap, one more lap” hoping it would finally come to one more lap & I would allow myself the time to have a break. But I would not change one thing about this 24 hours, not one thing. The other riders did an incredible job & I really couldn’t have achieved this without them by my side. The Snozone team and all the volunteer time keepers made this World Record a reality & I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart.”

Elena Kale, Marketing Manager at Snozone, says: “We are delighted that Benjamin has broken this world record at Snozone.   We wanted to offer anyone the opportunity to make history and become a world record holder – not only has Benjamin succeeded, he also achieved an incredible distance! Huge congratulations from all the team!”

For an exciting alternative to traditional exercise, Snozone offers a wide range of skiing and snowboarding tuition from beginners through to advanced coaching and freestyle. Practising snowsports is a fantastic way to get fit and stay in shape – an hour on the slopes can burn up to 400 calories as well as strengthening your core, improving agility and strength!  A full day skiing or snowboarding can be a significant full body workout, so in 24 hours over 9000 calories could potentially have been burned!

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