This treatment should go to the top of your wish list


As you start the hectic round of preparing for Christmas its perhaps time to take a little time out and put some time away for a treat for yourself. Ideally something that will help you slow down to speed up.

Lush Spa in Leeds have just the thing with a new treatment Karma. It’s a full body, toning massage that allows you to take time out to slow down for a while (and couldn’t we all do with that!), let go and return to life with a spring in your step.

Two therapists work in harmony and synchronisation to create a flow within the body, to top up  your ‘prana’ – an energy life force within.

Taking inspiration from the Ayurvedic way of life, an ancient traditional practice widely used still in India, Karma uses warm oils to stimulate the blood flow and joints, creating longevity and health in the body.

The therapists use a combination of meditation massage and marma points – also known as pressure points – to retune prana and restore good karma for the body.

Its a 66 minutes treatment – although if you are like me you will wish it went on longer. During the treatment, the three energies in the room (two therapists and yourself) create a tri-energy system, where the two therapists set the intention; to help the client grow, elongate and create good karma within the body. Four  hands ensure that correct contact is never broken and that a space is created for you to lose yourself in the spiritual journey of the bespoke Indian music.

The cathartic elements of the treatment culminate in a shirodhara ritual, a form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead, to calm and slow down the mind, aiding thought and concentration after the treatment.

This amazing treatment is performed to a bespoke musical score which lovingly creates the rich tapestry of sound, scent and colour of India

Karma is not just a another treatment its an amazing experience and well worth emptying your piggy bank for or putting at the top of Santas list.

For more information or to book an appointment call the Leeds Lush Spa on 0113 243 3626 or drop into the Lush Store at 12-13 Commercial Street, Leeds


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