A West Yorkshire restaurant is the first in the region to tempt its customers with a unique delicacy.


Sir Dukes, which only opened last July, has added a selection of ‘75 day hung’ steaks to its menu.  This unusual method means the meat is kept at a constant temperature and cared for by hand on a daily basis during the prolonged ageing period.

Marcus Emadi, owner of the Wetherby steakhouse and cocktail bar, said: “Usually meat is hung for around 30 days, we feel privileged to be able to offer steaks this unique to our customers.“The extra hanging time gives the meat more time to dry out, providing it with a combination of an unrivalled flavour which is almost comparable to that of a deep gorgonzola.”

Head Chef's John McGown

Head Chef John McGown

Sir Dukes is offering the meat in two cuts, porterhouse and bone-in sirloin.  These are delivered in vacuum packs and packed in peach paper to ensure the freshness of the steak is maintained.

The high flying restaurant which currently employs over 30 staff and already has over 25,000 Facebook ‘likes’, usually purchases produce from local suppliers, including a greengrocer based in the town. However, it had to go further afield to secure the specialist steaks.  A Southern based pioneering farmer, which boasts a Michelin stared restaurant amongst its clients, has been selected.  Sir Dukes continues to carefully select suppliers and experiment with unlikely food combinations in order to provide its customers with both choice and quality.

To find out more about the ’75 day hung’ steaks or anything else that Sir Dukes offers, including their latest sharing platters ‘Trio of Yorkshire meat’ and ‘debauchery at the butchery’ visit or call 01937 587897

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