Sassoon presents the new AW17 Collection Mondaine, a series of hair styles that celebrate individualism. Inspired by today’s anti-fashion movement, the Sassoon International Creative Team explore the relationship between Sassoon Hair Design, the creative work of anti-fashion pioneers the Advanced Stylists and couturier Cristobal Balenciaga. Using this connection as a visual framework, this season’s cut and colour concepts are based on bold colours, strong lines and precision techniques.

In a celebration of individuality and authenticity, today’s anti-fashion movement revels in the pursuit of unique style.One trendsetter of this movement is nonagenarian Iris Apfel, who entered popular culture after The Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrated her as one of America’s quintessential style makers with an exhibition of her personal accessories and fashion pieces in 2005. She further rose to fame after being featured on the blog Advanced Style. The bold, block colours and graphic shapes of this ideal echo the experimental silhouettes of Cristobal Balenciaga who utilised austere architectural shapes and bold colour combinations in his inimitable designs.

Gareth Vance, Sassoon UK Creative Director, adds: “Bold colour choices and avant-garde silhouettes are being used to make anti-fashion statements and the cornerstone of this approach is based on emphasising what makes the individual unique. In the same way, Sassoon’s innovative approach to hair design means each individual person has an entirely bespoke Hair Design experience carved around their wants and needs. This season’s cut and colours are designed for what’s happening in fashion right now.”

Drawing on the Sassoon House Codes of pure clean lines, truth to materials, Shape & Balance, this season’s precise sectioning and weaving techniques create the perfect blend of colour placement within the cut. Styles are long and loose, layered through from the crown to create versatile cuts that can be worn in different ways, while colours are multi-tonal and designed to work with the parting of the hair to create the feeling of hair in motion. With this colour palette, it is easy to unlock the personality of each individual’s hair

Edward Darley, UK Colour Director, says: “Each Sassoon Hair Design experience is entirely unique because we work with our unrivalled Chromatology colouring system to produce bespoke shades. This season, colours are multi-tonal, adding depth and shine to solid shapes, while others are concealed and convertible. We’ve designed this colour placement method to work with the parting of the hair, so it reveals slight-of-hand shades on the left and the right depending on what way you look at it.”

Just like Balenciaga, Vidal Sassoon was a modernist, obsessed with cut and construction. Balenciaga cut sleeves in a way that would show an elegant display of wrist and hand. Vidal cut lines in hair that perfectly accentuated his clients’ best features.

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