Shine and Sparkle

Shine and  Sparkle

Whether you crave a contemporary look or prefer a more chic and sophisticated style, make sure this year’s looks are the best yet with a little hair inspiration. For some Christmas hair tips we asked Senior Creative Director Gareth Vance at the Sassoon Salon in Leeds for some festive inspiration for your tresses this Christmas. Just remember to pack your mistletoe…

Romantic twisted styles
A fishtail looks intricate but actually it’s very simple. “Prep is key, use a sea salt spray through your roots to ends, and then roughly blow dry, twisting the hair while drying to give it a ropey, modern texture. Gather your hair into a ponytail and secure with an invisible band. Take a thin section from the outside of each section in the ponytail and wrap it round each section in turn. Once you have braided your hair tie off the plait with another invisible band.”

Quick tip: For a contemporary look, stop the braid at least two inches from the end, and tie with an invisible band and wrap a piece of thin leather around for and edgier finish.

To complete your look tease out your fishtail. “Fingers are your best tools to rub and tease the hair, the undoneness is what makes it sexy”, says Gareth.

Bounce and shine
Special occasion hair is all about “polish, effortless control and healthy shine, contemporary glamour at its best”, says Gareth.

How to achieve: For ultimate Studio 54 glamour, spray your hair , then wrap small sections of hair around a styling wand, pinning each curl to your head with a grip. Once you’ve curled every section, unclip and shake out. Enhance your side sweep with a low side parting and comb it all the way over for a glamorous finish. The trick is to keep hair flatter at the top of the head.

And… because all good things come in small packages; take a look at our range of cold-weather beauty must-haves:

Party Season Prep | Sassoon Professional Intense Restore (RRP: £17.45)
The winter months play havoc with your hair leaving it dry, brittle and lifeless and it is vital to “replenish and retain moisture”, says Gareth who recommends a weekly deep conditioning treatment at home using Sassoon Professional Intense Restore. The super moisturising treatment adds elasticity, manageability and shine, penetrating deep into the hair’s cortex and injecting a rush of moisture, whilst smoothing the cuticle.

Little Luxuries | Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish (RRP: £19.40)
A light serum which promises to tame, nourish and de-frizz. It is perfect for fly-away tresses and a handbag must-have for any date in the festive calendar. Simply add a small amount evenly to wet hair before you blow dry or smooth over dry hair just before your event for magical shine.

Luxe Essential | Sassoon Professional Edit Body (RRP: £18.50)
A light-weight, luxe, rich styling mousse for all hair types that gives body and lift to your look. Flat, lifeless hair is a thing of the past; this mousse enhances hair fullness while maintaining an airy texture. Creates body and lift, without stiffness. Leaves styles supremely soft yet set, for hair that bounces.

*All products available at your nearest Sassoon Salon

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