Leading puppet theatre company Odd Doll take a trip to the seaside, where they find more than they bargained for in Seaside Terror at York Theatre Royal Studio on 20 April. Celebrating the British horror and British holidays of the 1970s, this new show brings together puppetry, mask and specially composed music to fill the stage with nerve-shattering shocks.

The idea for the show came when the team started researching vintage horror movies from the 1960s and 70s. They seemed to immediately chime with Odd Doll’s sinister but colourful aesthetic.

They were particularly drawn to the anthology ‘portmanteau’ movies made by Amicus Films. Titles such as Dr Terror’s House of Horrors and Tales from the Crypt were camp, lurid and wilder than their better-known contemporaries like Dracula and Frankenstein. Following their format Seaside Terror features five different tales, linked by a rather sinister ice cream man.

As the 1970s wore on, the British film industry began to fade, eventually to be replaced by ‘video nasties’ and the Hollywood blockbusters of the 1980s. The company became interested in their nostalgia for the older era.

The show really came alive when this was paired with another great British tradition – the seaside holiday. The backdrop of coastal towns that have seen better days make for an evocative setting for these spine-tingling adventure.

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