Rolling back the years

Liz Coggins talks to Gareth Vance, Senior Creative Director and Valencia D’Onofrio, Colour Director at the Sassoon Salon in Leeds for some expert advice on how to avoid an autumnal hair raising mid-life crisis.

Rolling back the years

If you’ve had the same style for too long and yearn for a contemporary style, your colour is dull and fading or those shades of grey seem to have multiplied overnight then its time for a new contemporary autumnal look. A new haircut and colour and the prospect of leaving the salon feeling prettier, happier and sexier is great for sending the mid-life crisis packing.
Initially an honest straightforward conversation with your stylist and colourist is essential. It’s amazing after these joint discussions and suggestions how amazing women can emerge from the salon.
The cut
“Healthy, luxurious –looking hair never goes out of style, whether you wear your hair above your shoulders or below. The perfect cut is all about finding a style that suits you, your personality; face shape and hair type, so this should be borne in mind when adapting your everyday style at any age,” says Gareth.

“There should be an ease with your haircut, a great cut helps your morning ritual shampoo and blow-dry achieve the seemingly impossible; the look that you left the salon with… in less time, and with fewer products. “It’s refreshing, for any lady to know they have a low-maintenance style that still makes them look incredible. Whether soft and swingy or short and sharp your look should remain versatile.”

The colour
“As you get older, it’s about toning down and doing less – you should avoid having the same colour at 43 as at 23!” says Valencia.

“Keep evolving your colour to keep it looking fresh. Preserving the colour is important at any age; a weekly treatment, such as Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore will ensure your hair is in premium condition.

“Grey seems to be more about looking chic or age-appropriate,” says Valencia. “For many women their natural grey might not suit them and they may need to make their natural hue warmer or cooler. A colour enhancer, will boost natural tones and give grey locks a colour that shimmers and shines, so rather than hair being a dull grey, it becomes an expensive looking oyster grey”.

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