Little Pioners the perfect books for those tiny tots



The Co-operative Childcare has taken its first step into children’s literature, launching a five-book series that has been co-created by children, colleagues and a children’s author, Pippa Pixley.

Pippa, who has worked on a number of picture books in the past, has been working closely with The Co-operative Childcare pre-schoolers and colleagues in creative sessions to craft the ‘Little Pioneers’ book series.

Pippa introduced five Co-operative characters to the children in a circle time setting, where they were able to get to know them and talk about what they may do in their day-to-day activities at nursery. Ping, one of the characters in the book series, paints pictures with her friends to give to their Mum’s, sharing paints and brushes with her friends and helping to bring the ‘openness’ value to life.

Each edition welcomes Ela, Alice, Charlie, Ebo or Ping, who introduce the Society’s DOES (democracy, openness, equality and social responsibility) values through narratives of day-to-day activities.

Mike Abbott, Group General Manager at The Co-operative Childcare, which operates 48 nurseries across the UK, said: “Each child is treated as an individual across all of our nurseries, and this fun activity has brought the Society’s values to life for both toddlers and colleagues.

“We play a part in pioneering the next generation, so being able to get children involved in this project allows them to build confidence, develop academic and non-academic skills, and gives them something to be very proud of for years to come.

“This is such a different and exciting activity the children have been involved with, teaching values that pre-schoolers will be able to put in to practice when building relationships when they move on to primary school

For more information about The Co-operative Childcare, please visit: www.thecooperativechildcare.coop


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