Only last November, Helena Byles and Stephanie Green embarked on realising a dream to create an ethical, community-based wellness centre in the heart of Hyde Park, Leeds.

Having found themselves a beautiful 18th century mansion in need of some tlc, they quickly set about restoring it.  Less than two months later, on Tuesday 12th January 2016, We Are Wellness opened their doors to the well-being seekers of Leeds.

Helena, a well-known Leeds yoga teacher and presenter of her own TV programme, Yoga Everyday, on the Made in Leeds channel, brought Hot Yoga to Leeds and is delighted to have witnessed its popularity over the years!

Stephanie, a small business entrepreneur for nearly two decades, formerly ran one of The Independent’s top ten nationwide box schemes whilst also mentoring small business owners; giving advice on how to develop and grow their businesses.

Both Stephanie and Helena are passionate about enabling people to put their well-being at the heart of their lives.  “Our vision is to create a space where everyone feels welcome; from fitness fanatics to first-timers” says Stephanie. “We want a place where everyone feels completely at home during their personal journey”.

Whilst both still working in full time jobs, Stephanie and Helena dedicated as much time as possible to making We Are Wellness perfect for the opening day. They both admit that it was a steep DIY learning curve for them!  “I had the idea of holding a Painting Party” says Helena “We invited friends and colleagues to come and spend an afternoon helping us to paint.  We really couldn’t have done it without them and are tremendously grateful for their generosity.” After this giant leap forward they were ready to apply the finishing touches and within just 2 months the first 3 rooms of We Are Wellness were ready.

Their creative, innovative and inclusive approach to wellness is already apparent when you take a look at their class timetable.  Gone are the words that only died-in-the-wool Yogis would understand, to be replaced with simple descriptions of what you want to achieve. “If your goal is to become more flexible, then you will know immediately that We Are Flexible is the class for you” says Helena. “We are also Stretching, Calm, Strong, Powerful, Social and Energised.”  It makes choosing a class so much easier!

The Therapy side brings together some of the best therapists in Leeds, offering a wide variety of services including Life Coaching, Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and so much more.  All of the therapists are also committed to the core values of We Are Wellness and just want to make people feel good.

In the next few years We Are Wellness intend to expand into a tranquil urban retreat.  Based on their progress so far, you just know this is going to happen! “Whatever your reason is for coming to We Are Wellness; whether it’s fitness, stress, emotional issues, socialising or even meeting the person of your dreams, there is something here for everyone.  If there isn’t now, We Are Working on it!” says Stephanie.

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