The award-winning theatre company Slung Low have just opened a new art gallery with a difference in Leeds . Based in Holbeck and Beeston, the LS11 Art Gallery will display the best paintings, drawings and photographs created by artists of all ages, living in both of the aforementioned wards, on lamp posts for all to see.

Last month, the company asked people from Holbeck and Beeston to email their works of art they have created during the pandemic. The Leeds company take a copy of it, print them on special plastic board and then place them on lamp posts around Holbeck and Beeston.

The  theatre company have recently released online a  film called The Good Book. The film will be the first production for the newly formed Leeds People’s Theatre and is produced by Slung Low with the support of Leeds 2023.  Leeds People’s Theatre Company has been created by Slung Low and will be a dedicated division for large-scale professional arts projects with communities at the heart of them. The production will be the first of several projects that Slung Low are currently planning for The Leeds People’s Theatre. The film is now available for free at

Founded in 2000 Slung Low is a theatre company specialising in making epic productions in non-theatre spaces, often with large community performance companies at their heart. The company recently relocated to The Holbeck in South Leeds: the oldest working men’s club in Britain. They run the bar as a traditional members’ bar and the rest of the building as an open development space for artists and a place where Slung Low invite other companies to present their work that otherwise might not get to be seen in Leeds. In 2018 they opened the Slung Low Community College.

The LS11 Art Gallery will be open in Holbeck and Beeston for the foreseeable future.



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