The origin of Mother’s Day dates back to the era of the ancient Greeks and Romans when Spring festivals celebrated the maternal goddesses.


As early as the 17th century Mothering Sunday started to be celebrated in England. It was usually on the fourth Sunday of Lent when after prayers and church services to honour the Virgin Mary, children brought gifts and flowers to pay tribute to their own mothers.

Servants, apprentices and people living away from home were encouraged to visit their mothers and traditionally children took gifts with them and a special kind of fruit cake.

By the end of the 19th century Mothering Sunday died out almost completely but it returned again after World War II when the commercialise of the day started to escalate. Today Mothers Day is celebrated in over 14 different countries in March and is a huge commercial enterprise.

The range of gifts for Mother’s Day has never been as wide. Gifts range from chocolates, champagne, jewellery and bath bombs to cakes and cookies, fragrance, night and underwear and even vouchers to go sky diving!

Giving mother a day off from the kitchen is also a firm favourite with Mother’s Day Sunday Lunches on offer in hotels, pubs and restaurants with special menus and usually a gift or a free drink for mother. But do remember its one of the busiest days for eating out so book early!

Traditionally flowers are a firm favourite for the special day especially if mum lives away as its easy to send flowers and know they will arrive on time – even if its at the other side of the world. But do check on the variations to mothers day in other countries as it might not be the same date as it is in the UK.

Traditionally the pink carnation is the flower for Mother’s Day symbolising ‘always on my mind’. Roses convey love and gratitude, Snapdragons symbolise a gracious lady, Red tulips symbolise love whilst Singapore Orchids symbolise refinement and are the sign of a beautiful lady – well worth keeping in mind when choosing that bouquet for that special lady.

If you are looking for unusual Mothers Day gifts that mum will love with the flower theme then pop into your local Lush. A new Love You Mum Soap lets you say it with flowers or the Rose Bomb shell Bath Bomb makes everything come up roses both are great for pocket money pressies and suitable to vegans.

A Flowers for Mum gift set from Lush makes bath time blissful for mums who love to be pampered. It’s a bouquet of luxury bath treats wrapped up in a floral not and afterwards she can fill the garden with flowers by planting her seeded tag.

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