Whether you were born in Leeds, live or have lived in the city or have just arrived here, this is the book for you.

Although my career has taken me literally all over the UK and to the antipodes I never really ever forgot my home town.

Leeds Then and Now is a great coffee table book and for me and I am sure for many it will evoke memories and a few laughs.

Although I was not around when lots of the original pictures were taken there are others that are so nostalgic to me as I remember these shops, buildings and streets when I was a child.

The shops in particular. Yes we have Harvey Nicks but Marshall and Snelgrove was far grander. Ladies would draw up in chauffeur driven cars and staff were hand picked – two of my friends worked there as apprentices one as a window dresser and the other as a hairdresser. You had to be secondary educated and well spoken to even get an interview!

Schofields, where I was taken as a toddler for my clothes and then later as a teenager I frequented Young Yorkshire (I bought Quant and Emanuel here) and eventually got my Italian designed wedding dress to take to Australia in the gowns! Yes Schofields was a posh shop. Across the road was Lewis’s with its food department on the ground floor. In Briggate there was Woolworths now House of Fraser but to me  and to many of my generation we still see it as Woolworths  with the cafeteria upstairs and the pick and mix on the ground floor. It was here I bought my first Outdoor Girl lipstick with my Saturday girl wages.

Ravel on Bond Street where I got my high fashion shoes and I remember Mabanes where you went for high class leather bags. The Odeon where we queued for a ticket for The Beatles and then Cliff Richard and Jacamelli where I was taken for a special celebratory meal by my first boyfriend!

The Kardomah Café opposite the old Empire was a star spotting place whilst in the arcades everything you could possibly want was there.

This book traces the transformation in a fascinating photographic way. It uses vintage photographs paired with the same view today.

The City’s most iconic spaces are all featured from City Square (where mum used to lift me up to the post-box with its moving belt) to the Corn Exchange, The Market and The Town Hall.

Written by Eric Musgrave who was born and bred in Leeds with Now photography by David Major, who grew up in Shipley this is certainly one for the wish and Christmas present list.

Part of Pavilion’s trademark Then and Now Series it’s a bargain at £14.99.

Main Picture of Thornton’s Arcade in 1956by Kind Permission of the Thoresby Society

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