Want to look your very best for those summer parties, balls, weddings and special occasions or just create a fabulous feel good feeling about yourself?

Then follow in the footsteps of  Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Price, Gemma Atkinson and even Colin Firth just a handful of the celebrities who are associated with Crystal Clear Lift and Tone.

As we age collagen and elastin production slows down which results in loss of elasticity and tone which in turn creates a saggy and ageing appearance. Facial muscles require much the same toning and exercise as any other muscles in the body and has serious anti-ageing benefits. Even sagging jowls can become defined and taut again.

Crystal Clear Lift & Tone is a form of passive exercise – the muscles are made to contract by passing an electrical current through them. The current switches on and off so there is a stimulating period while the current flows and the muscle contracts, which increases tone, improving facial contours, and a rest period when the current doesn’t flow and the muscle relaxes. The setting can be altered to a stronger setting where the contracting/pulling of the muscle goes on for longer to give a more intense lift.

The treatment uses a combination of pads and probes. Both have the same effect but the pads are designed to work on the lower part of the face where they carry out a stronger treatment while the probes are used on the top half of the face where skin is thinner and more delicate.

Crystal Clear Lift and Tone promises a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles; tighter, firmer, lifted skin; enhanced circulation; and improved lymphatic drainage, with no downtime so its perfect as a  quick one-off, pick-me-up facial prior to a party or special event.

Over the last few decades I must have had hundreds of facials of every kind but I must admit I have always been a fan of those using electric current via pads and probes as they give a long and lasting result.

The facial is very relaxing and starts with Crystal Clear Soothing Cleansing Gel being applied to cleanse the skin.  Then  6 pairs of pads are placed on the face to cheek, jaw and neck  Each pair is designed to work on one muscle and they can be adjusted throughout the treatment to maximise results Collagen gel (which is used as a conductor – the pads have the conducting gel on them) is applied to forehead, temples and around the eyes. During this part of the treatment the probes are moved in sequence over forehead, then round the eyes, then round the mouth.

Once the pads have been removed from the face Crystal Clear Facelift in a Box mask is applied to help prolong the lift and hydrate and firm the skin. Whilst all this is happening a there’s a wonderfully relaxing hand and arm massage until the mask sets. After this mask is removed and Crystal Clear Skin Repair Serum and Crystal Clear Skin Brightening Complex are massaged in to face and Crystal Clear Intense Anti-ageing Eye Serum massaged around the eye area.  The treatment ends with a refreshing spritz of Crystal Clear Revitalising Tonic

The best thing about this facial is that the effect is both immediate and cumulative but as with all facial treatments an intensive course of say 10 treatments and regular maintenance is required to keep skin looking lifted and toned as well as help muscles plump to get that youthful contour. It’s also recommended for treating creaping on the neck and ageing around the eyes.

Treatment at Hair Associates & Therapy Rooms costs £52.00 for 75 minute treatment including consultation, eye and full face treatment, mask and hand and arm massage.

Celebs associated with Crystal Clear include Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Price, Gemma Atkinson and Colin Firth for the boys!

The effects are both immediate and cumulative. An intensive course of treatments, followed by regular maintenance will keep skin looking lifted and toned as well as help keep muscles plump and active to achieve a youthful fullness to facial contours. It’s also good for treating creping on the neck and signs of ageing around the eyes.

Lift & Tone is also perfect as a quick one-off, pick-me-up facial prior to a party or special event or if just want to spoil yourself.

Liz Coggins experienced the Crystal Clear Lift and Tone Facial at Hair Associates and Therapy Rooms in Crossgates – 0113 2600099 or call 0844 774 3941 for your nearest salon.


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