Bill Kenright’s new production of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is slicker and more energetic that any other version I have seen before – and I have seen more than a few as a theatre critic over the years.

But the main dominating factor of this production lies in its superb choreography, staging and the eclectic styles of its high energy routines.

As Joseph Mark McMullen is superb and one of the best ‘touring’ Josephs I have seen for some time. He has created a Joseph that sparkles yet  is  strong, passionate and full of amazing energy. McMullen excels in the role and displays great emotion especially in the poignant and dramatic moments during the closing of Act 1 with a show stopping ‘Close Every Door to Me’. McMullen has a powerful voice that more than does justice to all the iconic songs of Joseph.

Alexandra Doar as the narrator is outstanding. You really believe in her from her very first words as she brings the story to life. She has an animated  dialogue delivery  and wonderful engaging facial expressions that are rarely seen in this role.

Henry Metcalfe shows what a strong and talented character actor he is giving an outstanding performance as Jacob and Potiphar.

Joseph’s eleven brothers and the three handmaidens can only be described as totally amazing. They tackle demanding high energy song and dance routines in so many different styles at more than a turbo charged pace. They double and treble and deliver believable characterizations seemingly without pausing for breath.

Even if you have seen this musical numerous times this new production with its vitality, spectacle and an amazing cast is well worth seeing again.

The show runs at The Alhambra, Bradford until Saturday 8th February. To book: 01274 432000

Liz Coggins is  a member of the Critics Circle.

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