As we slowly make our way back out into the world, we are all sporting a new accessory, the face mask!  Wearing one is our new normal to protect ourselves and others so why not recreate an everyday makeup routine to embrace the new norm?

Here is a quick makeup tutorial from Benefit’s Global Chief Beauty Ambassador, Annie Ford Danielson,  on how she applies her makeup before stepping out of the house with her face mask on…

Step 1: Complexion

  • Start with moisturizer and sunscreen. Since your skin may have more breakouts around the mask area, adding enough hydration to your skin is critical. Use moisturizing cream such as Weightless Moisure Face Moisturizer that has SPF, like to make your makeup routine simple.
  • Then, use medium coverage foundation like as your concealer such as Hello Happy Air Stick Foundation for under your eyes. Not only will this give you that under eye boost you need to look brightened and awake, but it also has SPF 20 to keep you safe from sun rays.













Step 2: Brows

  • With face masks being a part of our everyday look these days, our brows and eyes have become the centre of attention. So, make sure you are doing what you can to make them look ready for the day!
  • Give your brows the boost they need  by using Precisely, My Brow Pencil to give your brow definition, then add volume by combing through your brows with Gimme Brow+. Then, set your brows with 24-HR Brow Setter so your brows look good all day!











Step 3: Eyes

  • Keep your eye makeup simple by pairing lifting & lengthening mascara to open your eyes!
  • To lift your lashes use Roller Lash mascara.


Step 4: Lips & Cheeks


  • To complete the look, add a little colour onto your cheeks and lips! Remember to use products won’t rub off on your mask like Benetint! 










With most of our shops in the region open from next week you can head straight to the Benefit Counter or go on line at



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