As anticipation, and anxiety, builds for those awaiting their A-Level results, many students may be easing their nerves by questioning, if it really matters what grade they get. Well, actually it does. Those who ‘flunk out’ with a Grade D or below in their History exam can take their ‘rubbish’ results along to The Dungeons in return for free entry – and access to the truly interesting and dark, uncensored history that went over their heads the first time.

Instead of letting ‘horrendous’ history grades ruin their summer, The London, York, and Blackpool Dungeon will reward students with a free ticket to visit on 17 or 18 August 2023, where they can learn some sordid and dark British history, as they leave their exam result woes in the past.

Students can descend into the chilling darkness and get clued up on Royal Tudor history in the new Rotten Royals show at the London Dungeon, as they expose the outrageous accusations that led to Anne Boleyn’s execution. Venturing into the depths of the York Dungeon, students will be thrown back to 1455 and into the heart of the Wars of Roses, as guards hunt for Yorkist traitors trying to steal the crown. Whilst at Blackpool, students will find themselves facing the Executioner in the midst of the Torture Chamber at Lancaster Castle. There’s plenty to be learnt at The Dungeons as you witness the Plague Doctor in action, get tested by the Torturer and joke with the jester, and the best part – there’s no history exam to sit at the end of it all.

A-Level students can enter The London Dungeon, The York Dungeon, and The Blackpool Dungeon for free with ID and proof of their History results showing an applicable grade to the ticket office on 17 and 18 August 2023. Grades must be a ‘D’ or below. And ID corresponding to the exam result must be provided. 

For all thrills and scare seekers out there, the London Dungeon offers 16 terrifying shows and 2 thrilling rides that bring the city’s deepest and darkest history to life, delivering ample scream-drenched stories and fear-inducing shocks for an experience that guests will never forget. Guests can also book the Guy Fawkes-inspired Escape Room for the ultimate spine-chilling experience when visiting the attraction.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and a ride in a truly unique and exciting walk-through experience. With a full cast of brilliant actors, 10 shows, rich sets, special effects and an exciting drop ride, it’s a 60-minute journey through 1000 years of Lancashire’s murky past. You and your companions walk through the Dungeon, moving from show to show, guided by our professional, theatrical actors.

The York Dungeon is a 75-minute interactive & immersive walk-through experience. Get ready to scream and laugh through 2,000 years of York’s most haunted history! Guests can prepare to come face to face with the mighty Vikings and learn all about their Saxon enemies before meeting some of York’s most notorious characters including the (in)famous Guy Fawkes and local witch Isabella Billington as history is brought to life before your eyes!

To visit your local Dungeon, book online at: www.thedungeons.com

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