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With Valentine’s Day and Mothers Day just around the corner isn’t it time to think about surprising the two most important people in your lives with the ultimate gift?

But where will you find it? Look no further than the alcove of fragrance dreams in Harvey Nichols, Leeds where you will find La Collection Privee Christian Dior the ultimate in the art of perfumery.

The iconic couturier and perfumer once said “You can’t imagine how much know-how and precision it takes to create a fragrance. The creative process is so consuming, so demanding that I feel as much a Perfumer as a Couturier.”
Christian Dior grew up surrounded by the scents of the garden at his family home in Granville, a floral oasis that formed the couturier’s olfactory background and was a constant source of inspiration. For him a Couture dress was unimaginable without the finishing touch of femininity…fragrance. This passion was embodied by his first collection in 1947, when his “New Look” was unveiled alongside his first fragrance, the iconic Miss Dior. From this point on he dedicated himself to creating fragrances that evoked the beauty of his Couture dresses emerging from the bottle one by one.

Dior’s Perfumer-Creator, François Demachy, has created a truly beautiful collection of fragrances that take you on a couture journey through the essence of Dior, paying tribute to the House’s heritage. Each fragrance is inspired by a person, place, ingredient or moment in time dear to the House. From the homes in Granville and Milly-la-Forêt so dear to Christian Dior, to his muse and friend Mitzah Bricard.

“Flowers are Dior, and Dior is flowers,” says François Demachy. A constant in the history of Dior Perfumery, the use of floral notes is also the underlying theme of this new collection. From the Oriental to the Cologne, from women’s fragrances to men’s to unisex, each of the ten fragrances use the most noble and precious ingredients. They are François Demachy’s masterpiece, all of the know-how and expertise of the Dior has been called upon to produce these hand-made and hand-packaged fragrances.



The range consists of femine, unisex and masculine fragrances.
NEW LOOK 1947 (Feminine Fragrance) A profusion of flowers – Ylang Ylang from Mayotte, Tuscan Iris, Damask Rose and Jasmine Sambac – enhance the Indian Tuberose Absolute. The spiciness of Pink Peppercorns and Black Pepper blend with this rich, generous floral heart, to allow a sensual, woody base to unfold around Madagascar Vanilla and Siam Benzoin.

MILLY-LA-FORÊT (Feminine Fragrance) Tender and soft, Milly-la-Forêt is characterized by its high concentration of soft, enveloping Musk. Following top notes sparkling with the tangy, citrusy freshness of Mandarine and Bergamot, the heart of the fragrance releases sweet aromas of Orange Blossom, Jasmine and powdery Iris. But its true signature is found in the base accord: enhanced by Sandalwood and a touch of Moss, which evokes the wet scent of undergrowth, extremely concentrated Musk makes Milly-la-Forêt a veritable skin Perfume.

GRANVILLE (Unisex Fragrance) Sparked with a touch of Lemon Concentrate, the fragrance is based on a back-country Pine Absolute with resinous accents and the powerful, invigorating notes of Thyme and Rosemary, which “suddenly make you feel as though you can breathe better”, points out the Perfumer-Creator. Enhanced with floral notes like Gorse, which grows in the garden at Granville, the base of this aromatic bouquet offers depth and intensity thanks to Black Pepper Essence from Madagascar and Indian Sandalwood.

COLOGNE ROYALE (Unisex Fragrance) Like many Colognes, this one begins with an explosion of Bergamot. The Bergamot used here, from Reggio di Calabria, undergoes gentle processing that enables it to preserve all of its aromas. Next come the tangy notes of Sicilian Lemon and “Winter Calibre” Lemon Concentrate – a rare, intensely fragrant. Calabrian Neroli, with its bitter-sweet accents, lends a touch of fullness. Once again, this unique essence was reserved for this special collection. Base notes offer an unexpected signature: a touch of Green Mint that enhances the Perfume’s citrusy freshness.

BOIS D’ARGENT (Unisex Fragrance) This intimate fragrance releases a bouquet of enveloping, extraordinary notes. Iris Absolute from Florence, a veritable Perfumer’s fantasy, is at the heart of Bois d’Argent. Its powdery, slightly woody scents set the tone for a sensorial amber, spicy accord based on Yemeni Incense and Somalian Myrrh. Swelling with plenitude, the base unveils musky notes softened by a honey accord.

AMBRE NUIT (Unisex Fragrance) The rose dons its evening wear… Following an initial surge of freshness featuring Calabrian Bergamot, Turkish Rose Essence blended with Pink Peppercorns meets Ambergris. Collected along the New Zealand coast, Ambergris is one of the most noble and rare ingredients in Perfumery. Here, it is enhanced with Wood: Gaiac Wood, Cedar and Patchouli.

EAU NOIRE (Masculine Fragrance) Eau Noire, an oriental Lavender… Floral, fresh, slightly woody, Lavender and Thyme form an intense and enigmatic aromatic bouquet. Rounded out by voluptuous base notes – Liquorice, Bourbon Vanilla and Virginia Cedar – this refined fragrance is transformed into a bewitching evening Perfume.

LEATHER OUD (Masculine Fragrance) Cardamom and Clove Essence provide fresh, spicy top notes, after which Leather Oud reveals its intense, leathery and deep Oud Wood notes. Then the fragrance becomes a little drier, heavy, and thick with the scent of New Caledonian Sandalwood, South American Amyris and French Birch, which enhances its burnt accent. Lastly, Cistus and Labdanum give the fragrance its amber tonality.
PATCHOULI IMPÉRIAL (Unisex Fragrance) The fresh, spicy opening notes are instantly evocative of refined seduction. Sparkling, round, Sicilian Mandarin combined with delicate, nervous Calabrian Bergamot make the alert notes of Russian Coriander vibrate, preceding a heart note of innovative Indonesian Patchouli. Modern and contemporary, this Patchouli is softened by rosy notes and enveloped by the warm, reassuring accents of Cedar wood. Wrapped in languid Sandalwood from New Caledonia, the base note contains a hint of Amber, giving the fragrance a bold sensuality.

GRAND BAL (Feminine Fragrance) The sensual signature of Grand Bal celebrates Jasmine by blending it with noble and expressive raw materials. Essence of Mayotte Ylang-Ylang joins this composition in a radiant union with Jasmine, with which it shares certain olfactory notes. Tunisian Orange Blossom Absolute infuses this harmonious duo with a denser note that resonates with a woody base of New Caledonia Sandalwood Essence, swirled together with sweet musk. Grand Bal makes a statement as a demonstrative and sunny fragrance with a radiant floral bouquet with sparkle and sophistication.

GRIS MONTAIGNE (Unisex Fragrance) A short, edgy formula that composes a harmonious chypre: a citrus top note, a floral accord and a woody note highlighted by Patchouli on a mossy amber base. Moss, the subtle scent of moist undergrowth, infuses the true identity of this interpretation of chypre. The citrus top springs from one of the finest Bergamots of all, from Calabria. Turkish Rose absolute breathes a subtly spicy floral note, almost masculine, while Sambac Jasmine from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu fills Gris Montaigne with a voluptuous, sensual feel. An Indonesian Patchouli heart swathes the perfume in a uniquely sensual elegance; a thoroughbred perfume that blends classic heritage and modernity.
CUIR CANNAGE (Unisex Fragrance) Cuir Cannage offers a sophisticated fragrance where floral sweetness blends with intense leather for a sensual and instantly evocative creation.

Orange blossom and the floral brightness of Ylang-Ylang are added to the potent notes of Birch Essence and Cade Essence; staying true to traditional leather accords. The woody strength is tamed by the tender sweetness of noble floral notes.
Available exclusively in Harvey Nichols Leeds,

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