Leeds Dock is hosting a string of events that will offer grown-ups the chance to re-visit their youth in a retro style, bringing back the good old games from days gone by.

The sites’ pop-up restaurant and bar – Dock 29 – is bringing together the local community and visitors alike by providing classic games such as Battleship, Connect 4, Twister and Table Football at their weekly ‘Let the Games commence’ nights running every Friday from 15th Jan. .

Leeds Dock Project Co-Ordinator Lucy Whalley said: “We wanted to offer adults the chance to revisit their youth by offering old school classic games to visitors and locals. There is a whole series of exciting events happening at Leeds Dock throughout 2016 and we want the City to know that despite the flooding Leeds Dock is back to business as usual. We are kick-starting things by bringing back good old-school fun for adults! ”

The enterprise village, which is now home to Sky’s technology campus, escaped the worse of the floods thanks to its’ flood barriers and now Leeds Dock is determined to boost morale across the City with a buzzing calendar full of events.

There will be a variety of music, fitness and food events on offer throughout January, including mindfulness lectures and food feasts at Dock 29 as well as intimate gigs with amazing local talent. Dates for the rest of January include Ping-Pong and darts on Friday 22nd January, as well as film nights and a mouth-watering menu of winter warmers serving breakfast through to evening meals.

Dock 29 will be open Wednesday-Fri from 8am-8pm and until 10pm on Fridays.


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