Crazy For You is a celebration of George and Ira Gershwin’s music and with  its visual glitz and glamour  revives the spirit of the 30’s musical.

Starting life as a musical in 1930 titled Girl Crazy, the 40’s saw it take to the big screen.  The 90’s saw the musical re-invented  and using five of the original songs plus numbers from other Gershwin shows, Crazy for You became an award winning Broadway success.

Crazy for You has a predictable plot that is duplicated in nearly every musical and film of that era. It’s a boy meets girl scenario that has romantic complications and lots of opportunities for dance interludes. Add to this a ‘show must go on’ ethos, lots of totally wonderful overplayed characters, mistaken identities, a sprinkling of stardust, copious sequins plus the Gershwin brothers music and this musical can’t fail to wow its audiences.

Paul Hart’s production is seamless and tight, whilst Nathan M Wright’s stylized choreography is totally mind blowing and ultra-energetic.

To succeed this musical needs a strong cast of believable characters, who can sing, possess masterful dancing skills, and in the case of this production,  play musical instruments  – and certainly everyone on stage in this show  certainly ticks those boxes.

Tom Chambers, as Bobby a frustrated banker with the dream of being a Broadway hoofer, is totally amazing. Not only does he tackle playing a dual role and extreme physical comedy his tap dancing skills make him modern day Fred Astaire!

As the feisty, sassy and independent  Polly, Deadrock’s answer to the Girl-of-the-Golden West,  Charlotte Wakefield is outstanding in every way. Together Wakefield and  Chambers are the perfect  musical dream team

Catch this show if you can it runs until 14th at Bradford Alhambra.

For more information and booking click here.

Liz Coggins is a member of The Critics Circle.

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