Charlie’s Classic Cocktails is a brand I am sure we will be hearing more about. This new luxury cocktail merchant offers hand crafted ready to serve classics in gift boxes fashioned by Charlie himself complete with his unique Signature Spritz garnish which leaves out the need for mixing, shaking or stirring.

All the cocktails use premium brands and especially for Valentine’s Day come a collection that marries the spirit of romance with the excitement of the Bond films. Under the guise of #OneSharpNight, the collection includes four takes on the iconic Martini: a classic Gin Martini, Vodka Martini, Vesper and an indulgent Dirty Martini.











As an avid Martini drinker and having sampled these world-wide I can only say Mr Bond would certainly approve. The #OneSharpNight collection is available until 28th February with next day delivery from https//charliesclassiccocktails.com/pages/martini/section and whilst you are there check out their signature collections of gifts.












For those who want to create their own cocktail with a bit of sparkle to enjoy alone or with friends over a Zoom party enter Dreamchaser Gin Liqueur a magic pink gin that is perfect for adding a bit of magic to prosecco, mixers or cocktails.

The hand crafted gin liqueur has electric candy floss flavours with a touch of sugary sweetness and the pink hue adds a colour pop of excitement.

Make your own cocktail with a soda mixer and a slice of lemon for a simple yet amazing cocktail.  Available from Amazon with next day delivery.









Want  a low alcohol cocktail then why not try this recipe from Black Tower. Fruity and icy, you just need a bottle of Black Tower B5.5% Rose and it makes a delicious slushie for grownups. You can get 4 to 6 cocktails from this recipe.

Ingredients: 1 Bottle of Black Tower B5.5% Rose, 300g strawberries, 50g caster sugar, the juice of a lemon.

Pour the bottle of rose into a deep dish or baking tin and carefully put it in the freezer. You can split it into two if you don’t want to use all at one go and half the recipe quantities.

Next day mix the strawberries with the sugar and leave to sit for 30 minutes until the strawberries come a big juice.

Blend the frozen Rose, strawberries, sugar and lemon juice together, then divide into wine glasses and enjoy.








If you are looking for a health conscious option in cocktails then look no further than the Miami Cocktail Company’s new Organic Spritz Cocktails just launched in the UK. These are real cocktails with real ingredients.

The ready to drink wine based Organic Spritz Cocktails line is non-GMO, vegan friendly and gluten-free.

These proper authenticated cocktails are very refreshing. There are five different cocktails Bellini, Magarita, Mimosa, Paloma and Sangria.

Available from Waitrose.com and in Waitrose stores.



Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without sweet treats and decadent chocolates.

Whether you are snuggled up on the sofa on your own in your jim-jams watching a romcom on the box, enjoying a zoom party or a skype call or spending the time with your nearest and dearest it’s time to bring out the chocolates, sweet treats and yummy luxuries.

Wonderfully rich and chewy Florentines make a great gift or are perfect for serving after dinner or with a cuppa at any time of day as are classic fondant fancies in a light Genoese sponge, filled with butter cream and raspberry preserve, covered in ivory fondant and hand finished with hearts.










The ultimate gift for chocoholics or just to pamper yourself is the Betty’s In Love Box of Chocolates. Sheer indulgence.











Betty’s shops may be closed for the pandemic but everything is available on line from www.bettys.co.uk

And whilst you are on linr prepare to be tempted by the Easter Collection and order before its too late for a delivery. Remember you can send to almost anywhere in the world.

















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