Dubble Trubble Hits the Shelves

Liz Coggins meets celebrity hair colourist and organic beauty pioneer Daniel Galvin Junior

Dubble Trubble Hits the Shelves

It’s early in the morning at Morrison’s supermarket in Kirkstall and the early shoppers are starting to drizzle into the store. As one young mum stops in the aisle to look at an exciting new product for her offspring, little is she aware that standing beside her telling her a little more about the line is its celebrity creator.

For Daniel Galvin Junior’s range Dubble Trubble has hit the shelves exclusively at Morrison’s and he’s visiting Leeds to promote his “new baby” True to Galvin’s philosophy its an organic and botanically based, natural product for children and has a fabulously appropriate name “Dubble Trubble”

Daniel admits he was always interested in what went into baby shampoo. “So in 2000 after my sons were born I began researching bathroom and beauty products. I found out that chemicals in hair care products today can charge up kids the same way sugar and junk foods can and 60% of synthetic ingredients are absorbed into the skin, so you can only imagine the harm it causes to children in the long run”, says Daniel “Their delicate skins are stripped of oil which can cause asthma or eczema.”

Daniel first began his “wonderful journey” into organic and ethical products as he calls it 12 years ago when he pioneered and created. a natural hair product range for Marks and Spencer’s. “When I produced my first range I was not completing with science, I was beating it”.

Colourist to stars such as Kelly Brook, Amanda Holden and Paula Abdul (please check spelling of the last name) Dubble Trubble as Daniel says is bringing “ethical salon hair care within t he reach of everyone’s pocket”.

The range is a collection of five ph balanced hair and body washes and a detangler conditioner spray all utilising organic botanical extracts and is available exclusively at the supermarket.

But as well as having the organic message it also has another mission – its in aid of the Prince’s Trust something Galvin is passionate about.

“I was asked to become an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust in 2003 and I have found it so rewarding. It’s a wonderful scheme as it gives youngsters a chance to do things and get qualifications.”, says Daniel

As well as getting some of his rich, famous and celebrity clientele interested in the Trusts work Daniel himself runs Headstart at his London salon a scheme helps youngsters get into hairdressing. “They get the opportunity to work in a top salon for two years and at the end of it they have gained their NVQ and literally the world is their oyster they can get a job anywhere in the world”

Daniel admits he also uses his “connections” to educate other businesses to follow suit. “By contributing through the network in some way to the Princes Trust businesses can really change lives”.

The sales of the product will help raise money for the Prince’s Trust with Daniel donating £25,000 of the proceeds to the youth charity during the first weeks of the launch.

Dubble Trubble is available at all branches of Morrison’s Supermarkets and priced at £2.50.

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