Dangerous Corner, a mystery-thriller written wonderfully by Bradford’s own widely-acclaimed J.B. Priestley, is running at the Bingley Little Theatre under the capable direction of Robin Martin. The production opens on Monday 14 January and runs until Saturday 19 January at Bingley Arts Centre.

This is the earliest of the three plays in which J B Priestley explored coincidences and time-shifting. The characters are poised between two cataclysmic events – the two world wars – yet in 1932 seem neither affected by the one nor perturbed by what will lead up to the second.

On an evening in 1932 Robert (Neil Lloyd) and Freda Caplan (Elizabeth Poynter) host a dinner party for their colleagues and friends, all executives at a transatlantic publishing company. Young, beautiful and successful they have the world at their feet. Then a cigarette box and an ill-considered remark spark off a relentless series of revelations and other, more dangerous secrets are painfully exposed. As the truth spills out about the suicide of Robert’s clever, reckless brother Martin, and the group’s perfect lives begin to crumble, the cost of professional and social success becomes frighteningly plain.

There’s intrigue a plenty as we turn many dangerous corners to find out the truth and ultimately learn that it may be better to let ‘sleeping dogs lie’ then to be torn apart by the truth.

Directors’ comments:

My admiration for his genius as an author, J B Priestley, who is not merely clever but also accessible and humane only increases as I read and hear his work. I expect that the JBP Society will agree with me when I maintain that this great Bradfordian – respected though he still is – is nevertheless vastly underrated today. All power to their elbows in keeping his flame alive. Please take time to enjoy their background display in the foyer.

Monday 14 – Saturday 19 January 2013 at 7.30pm
at Bingley Arts Centre in Main Street, Bingley

TICKETS: £8, concessions £7 (Mon-Thurs only)
Monday Special Youth Tickets (18s and under) £2

BOOKINGS: Call the Bingley Arts Centre on 01274 567983
Visit in person 11am to 3:30pm Mon-Fri and during show weeks 6:45pm to 7:30pm
Online at http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/bingleyartscentre
NB: Booking fee applies to online bookings.

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