City Park to become a giant night club

City Park is set to transform into a giant open air night club in May as part of Bradford Council’s new Urban Festival.

City Park to become a giant night club

On Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May, Bradford’s multi-award winning public space will be set up with four stages, a high quality sound system and beautiful night club lighting which will surround the audience with ‘360 degrees of pure electro-jazz bliss.’

French electro-jazz master, Cie Jo Bithume’s band will play live upbeat jazz over original electronic backing tracks in Boîte de Rue.

Twenty-one Brass musicians with club dancers will lead the audience in a lively, exuberant night of music and dance.

Boîte de Rue has captivated audiences in France.

For people who love surprises, the Urban Festival kicks off on Wednesday 15 May at 8:30pm with a mystery event.

Organisers are keeping very tight-lipped about it but promise an ‘unexpected and spontaneous street performance’ which will be suitable for all ages.

On Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 12pm, the Council has organised an assortment of flamboyant street theatre to entertain visitors.

The fun begins with Soundcheck – a crazy rock band caught in a perpetual warm up.

Audiences will be amazed by Taxi! where high-energy parkour or free running is blended with street dance all performed in and on a black cab.

Visitors to City Park can select their favourite song from Dukes Box – an entire band crammed into a jukebox, or laugh at comic act, The Q which celebrates the very British art of queuing.

Roadworks is a quirky and hilarious engagement between two dancers, a BMX rider and a busker.

The Urban Festival has been organised as part of the Academy of Urbanism’s 8th Annual Congress which explores how towns and cities reshape themselves in changing economic circumstances.

Susan Hinchcliffe, Portfolio Holder for Employment, Skills and Culture said: “We are delighted to be staging the Urban Festival in City Park.

“The festival’s emphasis is on contemporary urban culture and there should be something for everyone.

“The highlight, Boîte de Rue isn’t just for young people, in other cities where it’s run audiences have included a real generational mix so we are hoping people from all ages come down to see the show in Bradford.

“Everyone is welcome.”

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