Bridal Beauty

Liz shares some professional beauty tips on how to look radiant on your big day

Bridal Beauty

Getting married is stressful enough without having to worry about your makeup. Follow our fabulous guide on how to achieve the perfect look.

Too much, too little, too light, too dark or just too over the top – wedding day makeup can be a fraught affair. You need to start thinking about your makeup and skincare as soon as you set the date. Skin imperfections won’t vanish overnight, although many brides think by applying copious amounts of products the week before the wedding they will. Finding the right blend of colour and perfecting its application needs time, patience and a lot of practice.

I am what I am
Be yourself. If you normally wear dramatic eye makeup don’t think that because you are a bride, eyes have to be pale and understated. Touches of gold and smoky colours on the eyes can look stunning with the most frothy of fairytale dresses. And vice versa, if you never wear eye makeup don’t think you have to suddenly go the whole hog with eyeliner and masses of colour. Using a dark navy mascara on the lashes instead of eyeliner will open up the eyes just as well. Also, opt for eye colours in creams, apricots and taupes blended to sheer nudity for a great look.

The same goes for lips
Shimmer lip gloss or sheer lipstick looks good on the bride who wants a minimum amount of colour – even the deeper shades look very natural. For those who want a touch of drama add a touch of glitter or gold gloss to the lips over lipstick for a gorgeous drop dead and totally smouldering look.

Double spells trouble
Never use the same colours as a friend because they looked stunning on her, or copy a celebrity look. Your skin tone and hair colour will not be the same and it could end up in disaster.

Always take a swatch of material of your dress with you to the beauty counter, as clashing colours of lipstick and fabrics look horrendous. Rich fabrics need complementing with rich colours on the lips and harmonising shades on the eyes, otherwise you will look pale and washed out. Get a natural look with a deeper richer lip colour by going for a tinted lip gloss or sheer lipstick rather than a normal lipstick.

Skin Drinks
If you skin is dry don’t overdo the moisturiser. It will make any flaky skin stick together and your foundation will slip. Star your moisturising regime early with a good moisturiser, night cream, masque and hydrating product.

Top Tip
Always let your moisturiser sink into the skin by waiting for ten minutes before applying foundation.

More for Less
Want a really natural look? Then don’t be tempted to think wearing just a moisturiser and a slick of lipstick is the answer. The create the natural look you need foundation and eye and lip colour to define your features, cover flaws and even out skin tone. Blending is the secret of a more-for-less look, so make sure you have a good set of brushes and choose a light foundation with a good cover.

Top Tip
Using a serum or flash balm under your foundation will make sure it stays in place for longer.

Oil Slick
Putting moisturiser, double foundation or lots of powder will stop my nose shining – wrong! To stop shiny noses, chins and foreheads use a gel or liquid specially for stopping shine.

Powder Perfect
Loose powder dusted over your makeup will make it stay in place but don’t use too much or it will cake. Apply with a clean big brushy. Dust over the face and then take another clean brush and dust off excess. Never powder until foundation is dry – about ten minutes after application.

Line Up
Always outline your lips with a lip pencil but never use a dark pencil thinking it will make your lips look bigger – you’ll just look very 80’s or like Coco the Clown! To emphasis lips draw the line slightly outside the natural lip line and use a lip plumping cream and lipstick to finish off.


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