Temperatures can start to soar at weddings, garden parties, barbecues and other summer functions, which means the going can get hot for makeup.

When its hot perspiration and oil production (sebum) increase, so we need to reduce the amount of grease we put on our faces.

Start by allowing yourself plenty of time to shower, cool down and apply your makeup.

After showering pamper those tootsies with a cooling refreshing foot spray and dust them with a foot powder. If your feet and legs are prone to swelling soothe them with a refreshing leg gel or energising emulsion.

Cleanse your face thoroughly and if your skin is inclined to be oily, use a purifying cleansing gel to remove the access of oil that causes shine . Next spritz your face with mineral water or a refreshing spray. Keep it cool in the fridge – a quick spritz of water will also refresh your makeup during the day.

Choose an oil free moisturiser to help combat oil production preferably one with an SPF factor. A great idea for summer is to use a moisturiser with a gradual self tan with gives your skin a honeyed glow. Allow at least ten minutes for it to be absorbed. For special occasions invest in a makeup fixing serum you only need a few drops and it brightens your skin and gives your makeup a perfect hold. If you are prone to T Zone shine use a matifying cream or gel or as a quick fix take tip from the past and get some oil blotting sheets to keep in your bag.

To avoid streaking and disappearing foundation use a long last oil free foundation with an SPF Factor. For a lighter look try a tinted gel but avoid tinted moisturisers in the heat. Allow time for your foundation to dry before applying loose powder with a large brush to set your makeup and then dust off with a another brush to avoid the flower bag look!

Eyeshadow can crease terribly in hot weather. One trick to keep the colour is to cover the eyelid with concealer or an eye fix cream then dust with a nude shade of powder eyeshadow before applying the colour. If you use eyeliner use a gel or liquid one and always opt for waterproof mascara in the heat to avoid panda circles of melting mascara.

Highlight your cheeks with bronzing powder on the apples of the cheeks steering clear of creamy formulation blushers are they contain oils and tend to melt.

On the lips apply a lip gloss, liquid or sheer lipstick all of which have a lighter texture and as lips burn very easily choose one with an SPF factor

In hot weather alcohol free fragrances are the best choice, as alcohol can sometimes cause sensitivity and mark the skin. Perfumes and preparations with strong fragrances also attract insects so opt a light fragrance with a summer formulation you’ll find lots of them on counter at this time.

I can’t get through the summer holidays without…

The top beauty must have’s for hot weather

Clarins Radience Plus Golden glow Booster

Simply mix a little of this miracle radiance booster with your moisturiser to enhance your complexion with a natural looking glowing tan.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof – from their Collection Reflets d’ ete a fine, silky and pearly textures waterproof eyeshadow in golden bronze, copper or lavender.

The Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand Collection all you need to see you through the summer. The collection includes two amazing eye palettes, sheer lip color, eye pencil, brightening blush and a beach rollerball fragrance. And for the nails try Bobbi nails in Navy or Ballet Pink.

Paul Mitchell Sun Recover Hydrating Shampoo – a heat-wave must have. Sulfate free lather nourishes sun struck strands, helps lock in colour and leaves parched hair soft and silky and don’t forget The Detangler with a natural sunscreen. Both available in hand luggage sizes.

The Clinique Self Sun Collection includes a Body Tinted Lotion in two shades and a Face Tinted Lotion. Both these are easy to use as you can see where you are applying them and they give an instand bronzing effect to the skin which develops after around 2 hours into a glowing tan.

Mac Pro Longwear Compact Foundation SPF 20. This is a long wearing foundation lasts up to 10 hours. It comes in a compact which travels well and fits in any handbag and is ideal for touching up if needed. In 20 shades it’s a must have summer makeup product.

Body Shop Body Butter

Thick and intensely moisturising with the freshest of fragrances for summer such as Raspberry and Vineyard Peach.

Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder with a gorgeous smell of jasmine and cocoa butter it keeps you cool and soft and T for Toes foot powder to keep those tootsies cool.

Urban Decay Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner – gives a great effect and withstands the heat, water and wedding tears or if you prefer a pencil eyeliner their All Nighter Eyeliner is also waterproof.

Origins GinZing refreshing scrub cleanser. Wakes up tired skin, cleans, exfoliates and removes all traces of makeup leaving skin energised and smooth with a radiant glow.

Benefit Longwear Eye Shadow. It really does last and stay matt. Try Call My Bluff as a base before applying your colour. Available in 12 wonderful fashion shades.

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