A Singularity – by Damian Jones

How far would you go to save the world you love? Who would you really be prepared to sacrifice?

A Singularity is a thriller set in the near-future as the ramifications of the climate emergency take hold.

The novel’s two protagonists, Selene and Mark, embark on a fraught journey to make a stand against the planet’s accelerating decline and the lack of urgency to combat it.

The young lovers also experiment with Dreamers, a pioneering new recreational drug which gives users incredible adventures whilst sleeping.

Gradually as the real world and their dreams merge dangerously together they become lost in a surreal and uncertain land, faced with an atrocity they may have committed as the authorities close in from all sides.

Jacques, the leader of an extremist group, haunts and taunts them as they pick through the wreckage of their beliefs and faltering memories, dependent upon him as much as they need to kill him and escape his gang.

Separated and desperate to find a way back home in a rapidly fracturing reality, they are pushed towards a terrifying climax set to a backdrop of global protests, sinister technological advances and corrosive consumerism, with everything around them poised on the brink of a violent and explosive collapse.


A Singularity is available free to download on amazon until Monday 6th April.



Faber Academy: “Brilliant… this is no ordinary book.”

Love Reading: “An edge of the seat book.”

Reader reviews:

“An intriguing and gripping story which keeps you hooked until the very end.”

“Perfect book to get you thinking in today’s times.”

“As we head into a new decade, this novel feels like an important marker of where we are, and a signpost of the dangerous territory that lies ahead.”

“It’s a real page turner.”

“Thought provoking narrative, uniquely told.”

“Really enjoyed this book.”

Damian Jones


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