Scarborough is probably the last place you would expect to find a luxurious alpine-style spa – especially in the confines of the Alpamare Waterpark.

But Wellness at Alpamare is so cleverly designed you could be a million miles away from the hustle, bustle, shouts and screams of the kids in the water park enjoying the wave pool, slide tower and all the tube runs.

It sits unobtrusively on the top of the waterpark and it’s the perfect bolt hole for mums with family in the park, girlie outings and those who want to relax, rewind and rejuvenate whilst in Scarborough.

Having visited literally over a hundred spas over the years, the length and breadth of the UK and in other parts of the world, I must say I was amazed just how it offers a great programme in such beautiful and calm surroundings.

Wellness at Alpamare is based on many I have visited in Europe and Scandinavia and their claim it is unlike any other in the UK is fully founded.

Here with amazing views of the sea and cliffs they provide a holistic range of health and wellness applications.

It was not a good day weather-wise when I visited the Spa – the sea was covered in a whirling mist and it was raining. However nothing was going to deter the prospect of my enjoyment at Alpamare.

I was greeted with a glass of bubbly, a soft fluffy robe and a towel and given a relaxed show round of what was on offer.  But the biggest plus was the fact I could choose exactly what I wanted to do and what route in my spa experience I wanted to follow. I could take one of several journeys. I could opt to follow  the free-flow system meaning I could sample all the experiences or chose any I wanted to in any order  or I could  follow any of the three structured Spa Rituals.

The rituals take around 3 hours and there’s an  ingenious laminated card you are given which shows the route you should take and how long in each experience.








There’s a science behind each ritual Hamam is ideal for release of tension and to find your inner balance, Wellness Detox is ideal for weight loss and purification whilst Sauna Vitality is perfect for giving energy and strength. Each of the programmes takes around 2 to three hours.

Like a child with sweeties I wanted to go free flow and maybe return later in the year to experience one of the rituals in my case perhaps the Detox after the excess of my holidays.

In the Hamam wet area you can indulge in a soap steam bath, where you apply soap foam to the body, which penetrates your pores and cleanses them deeply. After this recline on a hot centre stone – which works wonders for those aches and pains and then explore the wonders of the herbal steam bath with its fruity smell.


My personal favourite in this area was the Hay Bath. You don’t get wet but go into a semi lit room and lay on a hammock surrounded by the herbs and scents of natural hay. I was nearly asleep twice it was so relaxing. And I just couldn’t keep away from the footbaths where the swirling water felt marvellous on my tired tootsies as I sipped my bubbly looking out over the bay.











The Panorama Finnish Sauna is the high point of this spa set at 95 degrees it offers wonderful views of Scarborough from the imposing castle, the sea and the skyline of the town.







Here you can take part in the Aufguss ceremony. This is based on old balneotherapeutic traditions from Northern Europe to the Orient, it offers moment when time and space pass by and allow you to enter a dimension of pure wellness.

The ceremony is conducted by one of the Spa’s Aufgussmasters. He starts by breaking ice balls with essential oils into the hot stones. The hot scented steam is then directed towards you by the Aufgussmaster using rhythmical movements of a towel. This is an enjoyable multi-sensory experience.

After the ceremony you do need to cool down in the fresh air and take a cold shower in the rainwater walk experience showers because the thermal shock released the adrenaline and in turn happy endorphins.








Outside the rainwater walk shower experience and sauna is a spa sun terrace with loungers. Would the weather have been better I would certainly have relaxed here on one of the loungers but instead retired to the indoor relaxation lounge which overlooks the waterpark.








The spa also has ice and Aroma Showers and you can experience the wonders of Rhassoul (healing mud) Baths or a Clay Sauna. If you are making a day of it there’s also lunch and tea packages. The spa treatment menu is also very tempting with a full range of Elemis treatments.

Leaving the spa was hard I just wanted to stay longer its that type of place. There is an Iodine Infinity 35 degree Heated Pool over looking the North Bay but you have to share this with the customers from the water park which is rather a pity as it will wipe out the calm and good work you have been dispensed in the spa.

Wellness at Alpamare is open all year round. Check the website www.alpamare.co.uk/spa for opening times, details of packages etc.

Tel: 01723 861 431 or email spa@alpamare.co.uk.





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