Just how do they do it?  How some people manage to make their makeup last and look good from dawn till dusk! Well let’s reveal their best kept secrets.

The secret is rather like painting a masterpiece – before one dab of foundation goes on your face you should make sure it is well primed.

It goes without saying that you will have your own skincare routine but sometimes using additional products will help.

Make a Fresh Start

Gentle exfoliation helps prepare the skin, evens it out and gives it a gentle glow. Try an gentle exfoliating product and one that is also a cleanser for the best results. We love Lush Angels on Bare Skin with rose absolute, lavender and chamomile









Be A Smoothie

Although you may not have ever thought you needed one a serum used every day is an absolute must to give you a smooth base and feed your skin treat and guard against fine lines and wrinkles.

Use a serum before your moisturiser and it stimulates the skin and gives a regeneration to your complexion.

There are numerous serums on the market but we love Clarins Double Serum with its five functions. It delivers hydration, oxygenation, nutrition, regenerates and protects.











Best Kept Secrets

To keep your foundation looking fresh and giving extra wearing power even to long last foundations a flash balm is essential. We love Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. Apply a small amount over the fact from the centre working outwards in the direction of circulation.

Another secret best kept secret is to keep a radiance booster pen in your bag to give an instant lift to your complexion and erase tiredness. Our particular favourite that looks good in any evening or handbag is Sisley’s Stylo Lumiere Instant Radience Booster Pen.











Everyone needs to use a concealer. Even if you are in a hurry don’t skip this essential part of your makeup.

Firstly it’s the only way to cover up dark under-eye circles. It works by lightening the dark thinner skin under the eyes to give the illusion that your skin is actually the same colour as the rest of your face making you look less tired.

Using a bad concealer is a terrible mistake whilst using a good one is like a ift from heaven. How can you tell the difference? Bad ones are usually pink, white, chalky, dry or greasy. They often make the flaws you are trying to cover up look worse.

Good concealer is smooth and creamy and yellow toned and blends into your skin easily. It should be just one shade lighter than your skin. If you apply your concealer and it looks too obvious you are in need of a darker shade.

Applying your concealer

Use some eye cream under the eye that sinks quickly into the skin and leaves the under eye area smooth. If your skin is too dry, the concealer will cake and look crinkly.

Use a concealer brush or your index finger to apply the concealer in thin layers and blend well. Bring it all the way up to the lash line and into the inner corners of the eyes. Use more than you think you will need and blend into the skin.

Don’t put concealer on the eyelids, it will make your eye makeup crease.

Pat in your concealer use your finger in a soft patting motion to blend it in but be gentle or it will rub away.

Depending on your skin tone our favourites are Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and MAC Studio Fix 24 Hour Smooth Wear Concealer. Both glide on the skin and come in a range of tones.











And finally the top coat…..

Make sure your moisturiser has settled on the skin by waiting at least five minutes before applying your priming products and foundation.

The best foundation of course to apply is a long lasting one. After trying and testing literally dozens over the years I love

Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 and Estee Lauder Double Wear SPF 10 both products available in over 60 shades







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