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Try This Trish McEvoy Makeup Lesson

We finally learn how to do professional-style make-up ourselves

Try This: Trish McEvoy Makeup Lesson

I have experienced a good few beauty makeovers in my time. Some have been bad – heavy-handed foundation, gloopy lipgloss I’d never normally wear – and one or two have been so exquisite that a tear has (nearly) come to my eye as I stand in front of the bathroom mirror at night, forced to take the masterpiece off. In all this time, I have never learned how to do it myself. Not properly, with brushes and sponges, like makeup artists do.

So I approach the ‘makeup lesson’ at the Trish McEvoy counter in Harvey Nicswith excitement and trepidation. Excitement at the prospect of the makeup artist doing half my face beautifully. Trepidation that I am expected to do the other half myself, and will most probably spend the rest of the day, my face resembling both before and after pictures.

Makeup artist Becca starts by taking my (minimal) makeup off. She asks all the usual questions about skincare and – as it becomes clear – really listens. The Beta Hydroxy exfoliating pads she recommends for my problem dry skin seem to take effect immediately, and I definitely see an improvement after just a few days of using them at home. Since I don’t wear a lot of makeup during the day, she suggests a light, mineral base and subtle, pinky tones.

I hold a mirror and watch while Becca works, taking over myself after each new product. We start with the eyes so that any rogue eye makeup can be cleared up before applying concealer and foundation. It’s a new one on me, and makes perfect sense. As does dotting the eyeliner between the upper lashes, which makes it easier to apply (she’s sensed my trepidation, I’m sure) and gives the appearance of fuller lashes. I’m also impressed with the illuminator – a product I thought was pretty ineffectual till now – which defines my cheekbones a treat, without that nasty glitter look.

I can now happily report that I’ve invested in a set of brushes, most of which I know exactly how to use and can turn my hand to a nearly natural look in a few minutes flat. And to think I’d overlooked the makeup lesson – free by the way – for so long. Every woman should try this.

Posted on Wednesday 10th August 2011

Harvey Nichols & Co

107 Briggate, Victoria Quarter, Leeds, LS1 6BG

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