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Try This Snow Xross Bikes

Ali Schofield takes to the slopes on SNO!zone's newest mode of transport

Try This: Snow Xross Bikes

The thing with snowboarding is it takes quite a bit of time to gain the skills which will see you merrily swishing down a slope. The first session, as I have experienced first hand, is punctuated with bruise-making falls – the instructor even has you pick a cheek to land on so as not to hurt your spine – and the next few sessions (as I have not experienced as I am a ‘if at first you don’t succeed, give up’ kinda gal), are still unlikely to furnish you with adrenaline-filled fun.

That is not to say I don’t fancy myself as a bit of a snowsport enthusiast. The après-ski, in particular, is appealing. So any chance I can take to get on the snow and at least pretend I fit in is very much welcomed. Enter, Snow Xross bikes.

The newest addition to SNO!zone Castleford’s snow sports offerings, which include tobogganing, head-first Hammerhead sledges, Ski Rider scooters and of course, skis and boards, this one is inspired by motocross bikes and sees the rider steer the ‘bike’ easily down the slope.

My partner in proper snowsport avoidance and I booked in for a 45 minute session, which costs £12. You can hire outergear, but we preferred to put our waterproofs and hiking boots on in the carpark and stride into Xscape looking totally rad and not at all overdressed for the clement spring day.

We were led onto the main slope where, alongside the tobogganing stretch at the bottom, there was a cordoned off section for us to play in. This is really all you’re doing. There’s little skill involved; although admittedly the staff’s addition of strategic cones half way through did test my steering capabilities.

The bikes are essentially sledges on which you sit and can steer and brake using a lever between your legs. Which we made scant use of as we raced each other down the little slope. While it’s unlikely avid skiers and snowboarders would get much more out of the Snow Xross bikes, they’ve provided one day out option for our niece at Easter.

£12 for 45 minutes

Posted on Wednesday 13th April 2011

Snozone Ltd (Castleford Division)

C/o Xscape, Colorado Way, Glasshoughton, Castleford, WF10 4TA

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