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Theatre Review Angus, Thongs & Even More Snogging

Paul Clarke joins a gaggle of teenagers at West Yorkshire Playhouse’s world premiere adaptation of Louise Rennison's book

Theatre Review: Angus, Thongs & Even More Snogging


Or breasts in the world of confused teen Georgia Nicolson, and her misadventures with the opposite sex is the heart of this world premiere of Angus, Thongs & Even More Snogging.

Leeds born author Louise Rennison has shifted more than five million copies chronicling the antics of this teen icon, so it seemed natural that her hometown theatre would stage Georgia’s stage debut.

The story is straightforward. Georgia and her loyal band of mates are obsessed with boys, but have no clue how to pull one. She is also dealing with her embarrassing parents, school and puberty. Like all teens the gang have their own language – boy entrancers are false eyelashes apparently – and there is a useful glossary in the programme for confused parents.

Thrown into this heady hormonal mix are three boys – Robbie The Sex God, Masimo the Love God and her best male mate, Dave the Laugh.

Cue loads of comedy capers as Georgia falls in lust with vain pillocks Robbie and Masimo – who both front awful indie band The Stiff Dylans – before finding true love from an unlikely source.

Naomi Petersen overcomes a slow start in her first professional performance to really bring to life the typically irritating – but loveable – teenager Georgia. Her mates are also good, but Emily Houghton as the daffy Rosie is hilariously gauche.

Rennsion co-wrote this with former Casualty scriptwriter Mark Gatley – another local – and it shows as she not only skilfully distils 10 books into two hours, but stays true to the good hearted spirit of her creation.

The clever technicolor set is perfect for this high energy show, and the young cast are clearly having great fun winning over a tough audience of hard core Georgia fans – and their long suffering dads.

Imagine the Inbetweeners, minus the knob gags, and you get a sense of a hugely entertaining show that at the very least will become a fixture on the touring circuit. But given the quality of the production and the size of Rennison’s fan base a much deserved West End transfer might well be on the cards.

Angus, Thongs & Even More Snogging is playing until 3rd March at West Yorkshire Playhouse

Posted on Wednesday 22nd February 2012

West Yorkshire Playhouse

Playhouse Square, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UP

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