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Liz Coggins reviews the Starlight Express

Review: Starlight Express

It’s hard to imagine how a story of racing toy trains can thrill and excite an audience. But with the cast on roller skates, a musical score by Andrew Lloyd Webber, electrifying roller-choreography by Arlene Phillips and sheer technical wizardry Starlight Express is high speed escapism.

It follows a child’s dream whose greatest love is his toy trains who come to life with turbo charged energy to take part in the greatest race of all time. Although the storyline is predictable – the underdog will win both the race and the love of his life – it’s the sheer speed, glitz and spectacle that make this show an amazing piece of musical theatre.

As Rusty, the steam train, Kristofer Harding, has a believable innocence about him that makes the audience really want him to win the race and the love of Pearl, the first class coach. In complete contrast Jamie Capewell as Greaseball, is wickedly brash as the Elvis-style diesel locomotive whilst Mykal Rand’s superb stage presence makes Electra, the electric train a villain you love to hate.

Starlight Express has a energetic and talented cast, who sing, skate and perform daredevil stunts with precision and flair and leave you in no doubt that they really are trains.

Posted on Tuesday 12th June 2012

Alhambra Theatre

Morley Street, Bradford, BD7 1AJ

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