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Review Red Bull's Flugtag

Homemade flying machines take to the air over the lake in Roundhay Park

Review: Red Bull's Flugtag

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15,000 people streamed into Roundhay Park on the 17th July as Red Bull’s annual UK Flugtag came to Leeds. For those not acquainted with the concept, a Flugtag is where competitors attempt to fly homemade ‘flying machines’ off a pier into water of some kind, in this case the lake in Roundhay park.

Predictably, it was raining one the day, but this didn’t dampen the crowds’ spirits as they cheered on the 34 teams from the opposite side of the lake. The crowd was even treated to a spectacular aerobatic display at half time by the Red Bull Matadors.

The competitors were scored on creativity and a short performance they gave before the ‘flight’ and these were added to their distance in metres. The judges, who included the presenter George Lamb and a Sharon Osborne impersonator, were hard pushed to give any low scores for creativity as the flying machines included such creations as Doc Brown’s Delorian, Orville the duck and giant Yorkshire Pudding amongst others.

The scores started high with Mr Whippy and his Team of Toppings, a group of girls from Leeds in an ice cream van travelling 14 metres and gaining a total score of 72 with their creativity and performance scores. The girls stayed at the top of the leaderboard ahead of the next 28 contestants eventually coming joint second with Come on Kes!,a bird who – even with a few mishaps – managed to make it the furthest – 16 metres.

However, the overall winners who may not have gone the furthest but were favourites with the judges and definitely with the crowd were the Toy Story themed To Infinity and The Pondwith an impressive 78 points. Woody, Buzz, Mr Potato head and a toy soldier certainly had the best outfits and complete with toy car with a rocket strapped to the back were awarded 39 out of a possible 40 points for creativity.

Tim Simpson, part of the winning Miss Piggyteam in the Red Bull Flugtag in 2003 was there to support the competitors. He said of the winning team "you could tell from the start they were going to win, just from looking at the amount of effort they had clearly put into the whole thing".

Posted on Wednesday 10th August 2011
Lucy Adlard

Roundhay Park

1 Park Cottages, Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 2ER

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